mardi 28 octobre 2008

Drum & Bass Mixes October Selecta


Yeah Startin today with this special mix by Break, certainly one of my fav' producer actually..All his tracks since 2 years on Symmetry, Quarantine, Critical, Integral, Revolution...and his recent EP on Klutes imprint Commercial Suicide are in my records bag...This guy is sick, his tracks are fuckin fuckin deep, dark but always so rollin' that u can play it in any of your sets....Reload guaranteed

So today its this Future Soul Promo Mix, (miror) sick as usual. Mix he did when he went to Gent, Belgium for a party. The future soul crew one.

01. Break - Hooked Up [SYMMETRY]
02. SpectraSoul - Poseidon [DUB]
03. Tactile - Caravan (Ant TC1 re-edit) [DISPATCH]
04. Break - Lead The Way [COMMERCIAL SUICIDE]
05. Spectrasoul - Tectonics [DEEP SOUL MUSIC]
06. Break & Survival - Dawn [DNAUDIO]
08. Break - Reach Out [SYMMETRY]
>> Calibre - Fire & Water [SOUL:R]
09. Spinline - Cold Feet [SOM]
10. Break - Splash Step [QUARANTINE]
11. Dose & Menace - Pick Up [SAMURAI MUSIC]
12. Break - All Around [SYMMETRY]
13. Break - Let It Happen [SHOGUN AUDIO]
15. Survival - Change
16. Zero T - Goes Around [SHOGUN AUDIO]
17. Total Science - S.O.S [VIOLENCE]
18. Break feat. Keyo - Last Chance [SYMMETRY]

Just Enjoy that shit, it kick ass as hell
Trust me

So yeah this is my 1st selection sorry but its an amazing artist, so watch for him in your local bass dealer or club next venue.


Next one is a new mix by Mr Atlantic Connection, boss of the U.S. label Westbay.

New mix is called Morning Sex Mix, and it's just what is it....Morning Sex, smooth liquor, Soul Brother N°1 !!!!!
Heavy Heavy selection and forthcoming tunes on his label. After tracks like "can't destroy love" and "Situations" there more & more to expect from our guy.

Miror 1
Miror 2


Next one is a special 100% Random Movement production mixed by the man himself.
Straight from the lab, R.M. give us (again) one full hour of Soulfull delights with tons of forthcoming materials, Dubs & Classics tunes that put his name on the top of Down Tempo D&B producers such as Redeyes, Mutt or Zero T. Just to name a few of theis amazing and talented generation.

So stop talking and grab this sweet liquor...Seat back, roll a big one and just relax

Random Movement # 100% Original Mix

(Intro) Means To A Meaning (unsigned dub)
01 Random Movement - Lesson And Aftermath (CIA 4thcoming)
02 Random Movement - Ruthless Machine (Innerground 4thcoming)
03 Random Movement ft. Focus - Methods Of Thought (Bingo)
04 Random Movement - Kids In The Sea (unsigned dub)
05 Random Movement - Can’t Resist (Innerground 4thcoming)
06 Random Movement - Morning Glory (Bassbin)
07 Random Movement - Stare At The Sun (Timeless)
08 Random Movement - Scarlet Trouble (Bingo)
09 Random Movement - Psychedelic Drainpipe (Innerground 4thcoming)
10 Random Movement - Thick Liquid (Innerground)
11 Random Movement - Infinite (Progress)
12 Random Movement - The Things You Do (Innerground 4thcoming)
13 Random Movement - Believe No Other (Westbay International)
14 Random Movement - One Touch (unsigned dub)
15 Random Movement - The Student (Westbay International 4thcoming)
16 Random Movement - She Don’t Get It (Nu Directions)
17 Random Movement ft. Focus - Shattered Dreams (Innerground)
18 Random Movement - Her Song (Innerground 4thcoming)

Just enjoy, no time to post more