samedi 7 novembre 2009

Playlist ON DA BASS 6th November with Vicious Circle & Jubeï

Last night...erm its 18h28 i didnt sleep yet....fuck it

So yeah, last night we received Big Names for our party @La Java
Vicious Circle & Jubeï who absolutely killed the crowd.....Fuckin Wicked

Thanks to all peeps who support & bring dat crazy atmosphere
Special fuck up to dat drunk gal who almost killed herself fallin X times on da stage

Just stop
stop DnB party Doesnt match with your alcoholic metabolism

Here's the tracklist of my set last nite, peace

Fever Ray # When i grow up (Scuba remix)
Scuba # Speak
Gang Gang Dance # Bebey (Rupture rmxxx)
Dfrnt # Headspace (Scuba rmxxx)
Ramandanman # Revenue (Untold rmxxx)
Joy Orbison # Brkkln
F # Nightdive
Moderat # NR 22
Scuba # Reverse
Matt U # Jump
F & Headhunter # Dedale
Joy Orbison # Hyph Mngo
Icr # Ars....
Alix Perez # Voices
Commix # Justified
Alix Perez & Spectrasoul # Forsaken
Sabre # Leaf
Icicle # Cold Revenge

vendredi 6 novembre 2009

Brainfeeder & Strangeloop are launching Sessions at The Downtown Independent

With Short Movies by

Jp Frenay

Robert Seidel

Makoto Yabuki

Takafumi Tsuchiya aka Takom

Lucio Arese

Also a night with Ques, Daedelus, GLK, Jogger (GRAB HIS NEW LP on Daedelus Imprint !!!) & Dr Strangeloop


Street Arts Finest # 1

- Edgar Müller -

- Joshua Allen Harris -

- Paris Old Good Times....RIP -

Soul:R 043 # Marcus Intalex & S.T. Files

Marcus Intalex and ST Files get back to business with a new 12” set to be released in December.. Here is the audio..

Mist - Clockwork Feat DRS by soulr

Mist - Entropy by soulr

Also, since 2 months now, a wicked tune you probably heard in many shows or party, that Marcus will drop maybe soon???? An amazing tune called Airbourne....Remembering old school classics Good Looking with brilliant melody & rollin beat'
Really be ready for this one too...


jeudi 5 novembre 2009

TEEBS # 2am Wine - Exclusive Mix for Cosmopolyphonic -

Teebs Doing it again on Cosmopolyphonic.....


Right On Dynamite # Alright [PROMO]

Simply Wicked




Au Revoir Claude.....1908-2009

- Claude Lévi-Strauss (1908-2009)-

Restless in Paradise

mercredi 4 novembre 2009

PINCH 'GET UP' Feat Yolanda (TECTONIC 035)


1. Get Up feat. Yolanda (Original)
2. Get Up feat. Yolanda (RSD Mix)
3. Get Up feat. Yolanda (Guido Mix)
4. Get Up feat. Yolanda (Jack Sparrow Mix)
5. Get Up feat. Yolanda (L.V. Disco Mix)
6. Get Up feat. Yolanda (Original Dub Mix)

Pinch's massive vocal anthem 'Get Up', featuring Massive Attack collaborator Yolanda, gets a long awaited single release on 30th November. Supported by such luminaries as Skream, Kode 9 and Mary Anne Hobbs; the single is backed with top draw remixes by RSD, Guido, Jack Sparrow and L.V, along with an extended instrumental dub mix.

Pinch runs the internationally renowned Bristol dubstep label Tectonic, home to releases from Skream, Benga, Martyn, Joker, 2562, Loefah, Distance and many other top name producers. It is also home to his own groundbreaking work including the genre defining LP 'Underwater Dancehall'. Bristol is also the base for Subloaded - longest standing dedicated dubstep night in the town, with regular parties in London and an annual room at BLOC Weekender.

International diva Yolanda provides the stunning vocals on 'Get Up'. She has toured the world with Massive Attack as lead vocalist, recorded tracks for their forthcoming LP and worked with numerous dance acts over the years - either as Yolanda or as her alter ego Koko. She has a quite simply amazing voice and a pair of lungs that could blow out a candle a mile away.

Mike Slott - Lucky 9teen - Out Nov 30th

Lucky 9teen by Mike Slott (LM003)

Release Date Nov 30th 2009 / 12" Vinyl & Digital Worldwide.

LuckyMe are very proud to present “Lucky 9teen” the new release from the innovative young producer Mike Slott.

Representing the largest collection of his solo music released to date, this ”Lucky 9teen” micro album showcases several different sides to Mike Slott from the serene atmospherics of 'The Now' to the breezy synth-pop of Gardening as well as his signature bass-heavy-slumper '40 winx'.

Over the last few years Mike has cemented his reputation at the forefront of futurist hip hop production. With a style that is hard to pin down - encompassing a myriad of influences from free jazz to 80s boogie via golden age hip hop. His previous work alongside Hudson Mohawke as Heralds of Change set the benchmark for the new-school of dynamic beatmakers. Since then he has released 2 solo 7”s on All City, a split 7” with Dabrye, appeared on Beat Dimensions 2, Mary Anne Hobbs 'Wild Angels' compilation and provided high profile remixes for Warp and Citinite.

Originally from Dublin, via Glasgow, now based in Harlem NYC Mike has many places to draw upon. The son of the late-Jazz legend Mike Nolan and brother to the modern classical composer Luke Slott, Mike effortlessly embodies his influences on this release.

A1. The Now
A2. Amanallah
A3. Six AM
A4. Gardening

B1. 40 Winx
B2. Sun Tan
B3. Snow Birds

Digital Extra Track. Snow Birds Expansion

PRE-ORDERS COMING SOON - This record will be available World Wide - We sell in America primarily via Turntable Lab and hopefully our friends at Poh Bah.


Mike Slott is my kind of music” - Benji B

If Mike's music wasn't this good, I would be looking at his hair all day ” - Martyn 3024


mardi 3 novembre 2009

GONJASUFI on WARP___7" is out

Its Beautifull

Enter Gonjasufi... a mystical individual caught between the Mojave desert, the LA streets and somewhere more cosmic. His soul-baring vocals are something to behold - described by friend and collaborator Flying Lotus as "Timeless Incredible Filth".

7inch Out Now
Holidays / Candylane (7WAP268)
Includes 20-page gold foil prayer book
Only 700 copies worldwide

See Bleep or your local stores.

Dish of The Week "Neua Yang Nam Tok"

pics from eat that yellow snow blog

As i never talked about that, Thai Food is one of my big passion....I cant spend a week without cook something for friends, myself or haters with tons of chili....Yeah U Know THAT
Anyway, Neua Yang Nam Tok is litteraly called Waterfall Beef in Thai, and it's quite easy to do...and really really one of my fav' dish in Thailand.

Here's the recipe from my daily website i check as often as Brainfeeder one
A Must Have in Thai Cooking


You need a 1 pound steak, cut fairly thick.


1 tablespoon fish sauce
1 teaspoon tamarind concentrate mixed with 3 teaspoons water
1 tablespoon lime juice
1 tablespoon chopped Thai chile peppers

Mix the marinade, coat the steak with it and marinade it for at least 3 hours.

The steak is then barbequed, broiled or grilled until on the rare side of medium rare, cut into half inch thick strips and the strips cut into bite sized pieces. The meat can be kept cool until just before you want to eat.

Remaining ingredients

1/3 cup fish sauce
1/3 cup lime juice
2-3 tablespoons chopped shallots
2-3 tablespoons chopped coriander/cilantro (including the roots if possible)
2-3 tablespoons chopped mint leaves
2 tablespoons khao koor (see below)
1 tablespoon freshly roasted/fried sesame seeds
1-3 teaspoons freshly ground dried red chilis.

Khao Koor: get a medium sized wok fairly hot, and add a couple of tablespoons of uncooked jasmine rice. Keep in movement until the rice starts to turn golden brown. Remove from the heat and allow to cool. Grind to a fairly coarse powder in a spice mill, or a mortar and pestle, or a pepper mill or a good clean coffee grinder (all of these work well but keep in mind that a coffee grinder tends to grind too fine--the powder should retain some "texture") We also offer ready-made Khao Koor in premium quality Hand Brand.


In a wok bring a little oil to medium high heat and add the strips of beef, immediately followed by all the remaining ingredients. Stir fry until heated through (about a minute).

Serve with Thai sticky rice, or as part of a meal with pad Thai and a soup such as tom yum koong (hot and sour shrimp soup).

i really suggest you to buy a pack of roasted chilli so u can add more if u like it spicy, and dont forget the Mint please.

Deviation Show Special feat. Hudson Mohawke - Nov 01 2009

TUNE OF THE MONTH * Prototype (Modeselektor’s Broken Handbrake Remix) *

Ltd 12" on Tempa in deluxe foil blocked sleeve DUE 23/11/09

You better be on your Shop that day....will be out of stock as fast as Slayer's Tickets last week in Paris...

* For the next 12" in the Tempa Ltd. series (Numbered, Limited Edition vinyl packaged in a deluxe foil-blocked sleeve) Apparat collaborators and Thom Yorke favourites Modeselektor reinterpret ’Prototype’, a choice cut from Headhunter’s debut LP ’Nomad’ (TempaCD014).

* Harnessing the driving bassline of the original, Modeselektor create a greater sense of pace and alertness, fusing Headhunter’s ethereal dubstep qualities with an altogether more Berlin techno feel.

* ’Sex At the Prom’, on the southside, underlines Headhunter’s ability for drawing from surrounding genres. Rigid bass stabs incessantly pound an otherwise sparse soundscape into submission - Mary Anne Hobbs has already blown-up one sound system with this track - before pausing as if to check it’s minimal counterpart still breathes. This respite is enough for the percussion to find its second wind and - aided by a warped synth line - the battle continues on more even terms, rounding out a heavily pulsating 12" that begs to be played out on a massive sound-system.

* Tracklist:
A>> Prototype (Modeselektor’s Broken Handbrake Remix)
B>> Sex At TheProm.

lundi 2 novembre 2009

RUEDIONE # Backflashes Book OUT NOW

Amazing Artbook full of greatest pics by RUEDIONE
Backflashes, edited by Publikat Verlags und Handels KG

If you work in a shop or a library here's ISBNs
  • ISBN-10: 3939566217
  • ISBN-13: 978-3939566212

Monday is Lundi is Monday

Yone's Halloween's MonsterS

U Boring Me Yone....

- SeXXxSabotAgeVectorMinDed -

BACKFLASHES, naples - italy 2008 1/3 from ruedione on Vimeo.


Mono/Poly - Sonic Router Mix by sonicrouter

Mono/Poly -Ill Deal
Mono/Poly - Boxing Gloves
Mono/Poly - The Beatles
Flying Lotus - Stunts
Onra - My Comet
So Cruel (Busy Remix)
The Gaslamp Killer - Show Stopper
Flying Lotus - Bonus Beat
Mono/Poly - Plastics
Fantastic Mr. Fox & Rich Reason - Bleep Show
Bar 9 - Bakin Bread
Datsik - Retreat
Bar 9 - Rapture
Skizm -The Blank(16 Bit Remix)
Mono/Poly - Land of Love

_Supposed to be a normal Week-End_