vendredi 21 août 2009

AEED new EP with Error Broadcast [Free DL] & Comfort Fit new LP

Synesthesia is the long-awaited debut EP by Swiss producer Aid Copelj a.k.a. AEED. Purr! Cats have been waiting for this one. AEED’s roughneck Hip Hop bangers are exclusively available as a free MP3 download here at Error Broadcast.

The nine tracks on Synesthesia feature mangy electronic Rap beats that wonderfully stumble & stutter but make you shake your ass nevertheless. With his barefaced synthesizer melodies and angular production, AEED manages to establish a unique sound between Hip Hop, IDM and candy Pop music.

Synesthesia is a sparkling gem of a record. A bling gem made of plastic, but cutting edges all over. Essential download. Purr!

Those 2 free DL u can found are just DOPE quality

Npw i'm listening now da


Bag Of Nothingness

grab here

Including AMAZING artist Comfort Fit which had launched
an highly acclaimed LP (view reviews after artwork)


Tokyo Dawn is proud to announce the release of Comfort Fit’s long awaited third album, a massive 72 minutes master-piece of electronic music featuring contributions by Howard Marks, Blaktroniks, Wallis Bird, Caits Meissner and more.

It’s been a long time since i’ve heard a hip hop/pop/nu soul/dope beats/electronic album with such a quality level. This is absolutely stunning. Really fresh, really futuristic, raw, funky, organic. This is a pure moment of music.
Laurent Garnier

Mad album. Really quirky.
Ben Westbeech

Inspirational for me … I like what you have done here.
Anthony ‘Shake’ Shakir

I’ve been waiting time for new Comfort Fit gear! This is future perfection! Everyone into hip hop & soul need this in their collection! 10/ 10

Love it love it love it!! The entire album is superb!

Polyshufflez is available worldwide digitally, now check your favourite mp3 store and grab that future classic!

itunes / juno / digital tunes

Trust me
This wont be a waste of time, or even feeeding yo hard drive 4nuthin
Make you a favor.....for your week-end & enjoy wit'yo kids if u cant have holidays

One of the 3 best Tings i heard this MONTH


Brainfeeder Sessions at Downtown Independent (100th Post)

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jeudi 20 août 2009

Redeyes, Youthman & Luce in Gilles Peterson's Worldwide

Mes AfroAméricains Youthman and Redeyes in the last Worldwide Edition Today
Y'a Quoi !!!

20th August 2009


Jim Tenor & Tony Allen - Three Continents (Strut)
Phantogram - ‘Bloody Palms’ (dOP Remix) (BBE)2
Gretchen Parlato – ‘Butterfly’ (Obliq Sound)
The Mike Westbrook Concert Band - ‘Landscape’ (Righteous)
Q-Tip - ‘Blue Girl’ (Battery/Jive)
Seiji - ‘I Can’t Let You Go’ (White)
Harmonic 313 – ‘Lion’ (White)
Donaeo - Riot Music (My-Ish Inc Limited)
Bubblez - ‘Loser’ (Devotional Dubz)
Knaan & Shawn Period - ‘Lets Start’ (White)
Quantic - ‘Un Canto A Mi Tierra’ (Tru Thoughts)
Michael Olatuja Ft Eska Mtungwazi - ‘Yi Yipada’ (Obliq Sound)
> Red Eye, Youth Man & Luce -‘Brother Don’t Cry’ (White) <

Om’Mas Keith Interview
Sa Ra Creative Partners - ‘Cosmic Ball’ (Ubiquity)
Sa Ra Creative Partners - Spacefruit’ (Ubiquity)
Sa Ra Creative Partners - Souls Brother’ (Ubiquity)
Sa Ra Creative Partners - Spaceways Theme’ (Ubiquity)
Sa Ra - Loveczar (Jay Electronica remix)' (Ubiquity)
Charles Wright - Express Yourself’ (Warner Bros)


Q Tip - Abstractionisms p/k/a (Reverb (Battery/Jive)
Bei Bei and Shawn Lee featuring Georgia Anne Muldrow - 'Make Me Stronger' (Floating Points Ensemble Mix) (Ubiquity)
Dj Day - ‘Skyy Can U Feel Me’ (Subcontact)

Ramadanman Guest Mix
Burial – ‘Night Bus’ (Hyperdub)
Ramadaman - ‘I Beg You’ (White)
Untold - ‘Don’t Know Don’t Care’ (Hemlock)
The Peverelist - 'Not Yet Further Than' (White)
Distance - ‘Saints & Sinners’ (Boka)
Pangaea - ‘Neurons’ (White)
Ramadanman - ‘A Couple More Years’ (White)
Untold - ‘Stop What You’re Doing’ (James Blake Remix) (Hemlock)

Zero 7- ‘Swing’ (Atlantic)
Lord Newborn - ‘She’s My Melody’ (Ubiquity)
The Invisible - ‘London Girl’ (Accidental)


I played this track last 4th August in my radioshow
You can listen to it with The Youthman Guest Mix here

Nosaj Thing Live Visuals

Nosaj Thing Visual Show Compilation Test Shoot from Adam Guzman on Vimeo.


mercredi 19 août 2009

Tunes of the day

- Busy Signal # Cool Baby (Poirier Remix)
- Cheasleauen # Off-The-Glass
Chubby Fingers # Killin Tha Bass
- Origin Unknown # Valleys of the shadows (DFRT remix)
- Clark # Suns of temper
- Moderat # Nr22
- Mochipet # Spring (Feat.Daedelus)
last one goes to my bruv'
- Youthman # Big & Bad (DUB) listen


S.P.E.C.T.R.E. BijouBeats Featured Mix - Summer 2009

S.P.E.C.T.R.E. brings a diverse mixture of bass heavy music combining glitch hop, dubstep and beyond with a flare for the unexpected. His seamless blending of styles and tempos and on the fly mash-ups has made him a crowd favorite in Colorado. Co-founder of the Jungle Labs crew and a member of the Denver Bass Squad, S.P.E.C.T.R.E. has built a large following from the infamous Jungle Labs warehouse parties, regular nights at Denver’s Beta Nightclub, and his mixtapes on the Temporal Fusion podcast. Expect nothing short of an all out assault of crunkadelic party music.

S.P.E.C.T.R.E. BijouBeats Featured Mix - Summer 2009 / DL

Tim Davison – Gateway (intro)
>> Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas - Serious Drug Collection loop
Mochipet – Godzilla New Year (VibeSquaD remix)
>> Clipse feat Slim Thug – Wamp Wamp (acapella)
Robert Koch vs Cerebral Vortex – Soundboy
>> E 40 – Tel Me When To Go
Samples – Outta Control
Mochipet – Robot Pudding (S.P.E.C.T.R.E. remix)
Mochipet – Godzilla New Year (Mimosa Remix)
>>Terence McKenna loop
Adam John – My Love
edIT & The Grouch – Artsy Remix (acapella)
Klone – Metamorphosis
Prodigy – Poison (Samples remix)
Opiuo – Slip
>> Slim Thug – I Ain’t Heard Of That (acapella)
Nosaj Thing – Coat Of Arms
Tipper – Off Kilter
>> Adam Freeland – We Want Your Soul (acapella)
Siren – Hotley Cru
Editor – No Diggity
>> Biggie Smalls – Party & Bullshit (acapella)
DZ – The Fireman
Kyza – Go (Bar 9 remix)
Joker & Ginz – Purple City
>> Jody Breeze feat Slim Thug – Stackin Paper (acapella)
Reso – Beasts In The Basement
>> Big L – Thick (acapella)
Tek-One – Bug
>> Buju Banton – Driver (acapella)
Z-Trip – MashUptight
Benga – Crunked Up
>> UK Apache – Original Nuttah (acapella)
Mistabishi – White Collar Grime
Pink Floyd – Comfortably Numb (DZ vs Rastatronics remix)
Craig Mack – Flava In Your Ear (acapella)
Rico Tubbs – Ghetto Funk Baby (High Rankin remix)
STS9 – The New Soma (Bass Science remix)
Propa Tingz – Heavy Metal
>> Rhymefest – Dynomite (acapella)
PANTyRAiD – Get The Money
>> Ludacris – Stand Up (acapella)
Johnny Polygon – Dopestflyestogpimpplayahardcoremutha…
VibeSquaD – Blaze Them Trees

Wicked for the hottest day in France, reaching 42°C now

One Love to Afghaneses of Paris

RSD (aka Rob Smith) - Mix for BTTB


  1. Wadadda - “Tom Watson Mix” (No Info 2009)
  2. Jah Love - “No Info (RSD Refix)” (No Info 2009)
  3. Dubblestandart + Lee Scratch Perry - “This Is Life (RSD Away Mix)” (No Info 2009)
  4. Switchdubs - “Mother From The East” (Essence Of Dub 2009)
  5. Peverelist - “Und” (No Info 2009)
  6. Egyptrixx - “Origins” (No Info 2009)
  7. Monkey - “Volume VIP” (No Info 2009)
  8. Stagga - “Rocking Down The House (Dub)” (No Info 2009)
  9. Evergreen & Landlord - “Jah Rain (RSD Remix)” (No Info 2009)
  10. Ka”hn And Neek - “Chalwah Riddim” (No Info 2009)
  11. Don Carlos - “Late Night Blues (DJG Remix)” (MP3 2009)
  12. RSD - “Good Energy” (No Info 2009)
  13. RSD - “On Deck” (R8 2009)
  14. RSD + G. Rina - “You To Know (Versitile Mix)” (No Info 2009)
  15. Forsaken - “Same Old Excuse” (No Info 2009)
  16. Wrexile - “Grumble About It” (No Info 2009)
  17. Stagga - “Timewarp (Remix)” (No Info 2009)
  18. RSD - “Green Hill” (No Info 2009)
  19. RSD - “Naked Mariocart” (No Info 2009)
  20. Henry & Louis + Steve Harper - “Rise Up (RSD Remix)” (2Kings 2009)

lundi 17 août 2009


Silence is death_it supposed to be a sign of sabotage...*Missing*ma*niggerz*

Low End Theory Podcast VI # Nobody & Mono/Poly

Los Angeles + Bleeps & Beeps + Lazeeeeeeer Synths + Mono/Poly + Collages + Drops + Kicks + Nobody + Heavy Bass is

To Have
click right save as
To Collect

ill-esha - Whompcast 011

Amazing Mix by Canadian based producer, composer, dj, singer, graphist designer...and so on
Ill Esha. Special mix for Glitch Hop Forum.....if you're not into Dubstep, Glitch Hop or else...u better pass your way./....Not For Fainted

Download da Fuckin WHOMPCAST


Jay Wikid - Bumpin Thumpin
Samples - Sexual Fire
Graintable - Lost Frost
ill-esha Bevvy Swift feat. Chadio - Victoria Block
Mochipet - Turbo Thizz Petnation
ill-esha - No Diggity Rmx
JmeJ - Move Shake
Heyoka - Hazy
Dewey dB - Fresh Coffee
Liquid Rocks - 100 Bit
ill-esha - Stutterfly
Stickem - Damn Spot
Depth Affect - Hero Crisis
Dewey dB ill-esha - H.A.A.R.P.
Gouseion - Afternoon Cassettes
Vibesquad - Hammer Restep
Downlink - Talk Dubby to Me
Glitchy & Scratchy - 50 Fingaz Rmx
Glitchy & Scratchy - What Frank Said
ill-esha - Cherry Blossoms
Benny Page - Untitled Dub
Headhunter feat. ill-esha - One
Nog & Myles Away - Wanna Be Loved
Satori & Vincenzo - Burberry Boy
Eskmo - Agnus Dei
JmeJ - Ed Solo Rmx
Antiserum - Frisco Funk
Wolf Intervals - All Up Under the Covers Day

Show Sum Luv


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Radiohead Give Away Free New Single

Download 'These Are My Twisted Words' now

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