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jeudi 3 septembre 2009

FACT mix 79 # RUSTIE

FACT made my day again....

FACT's mix series rolls into September with a session from Glasgow's Rustie.

One of the most talked about producers in the world on the strength of his 12"s for local labels like Stuff, Wireblock and Dress 2 Sweat and his DJ sets that take in everything from 80s R'n'B to 2009 grime, Rustie's FACT mix comes just over a week before the second birthday of Ballers Social, the clubnight run by his LuckyMe collective, and features The Dream, Terror Danjah, Lil Scrappy and a taste of what's to come from both his and Hudson Mohawke's albums.

The birthday takes the form of two nights: first, on September 11, Ballers rolls into Glasgow's Stereo club with sets from dubstep veteran Jamie Vex'd, whose In System Travel EP is one of the year's best, Hyperdub tron-garage pair Darkstar, Rustie himself and fellow LuckyMe cohorts The Blessings. Then on the 12, it takes to the same city's Ivy club, with live sets from Fulgeance and Fox Gut Daata, LuckyMe's Dema and New York's premier jerk merchant Dante's Fried Chicken. Stay tuned to FACT for a second podcast from the collective this week, along with an interview with the Ballers crew and a chance to win t-shirts and guest list for the birthday weekender.

Fact Mix 79 # RUSTIE
(available 3 weeks)

Lil Scrappy - Addicted to Money
Rasheeda - Juicy like a Peach
Bflecha - Ceja De Carnival
Terror Danjah - Zumpi Hunter (Swindle Remix)
Hudson Mohawke - Twist Clip Loop
Ace Hood - Loco 4 Cake
Jeremy Greene - Pitbull - Rain Remix (Instrumental)
Rustie - Relay
Loops Haunt - Rubber Sun Grenade
Hudson Mohawke - Glue Tooth
Samoyed - Maybe Yes
The Dream - Sweat It Out
Tiago - Never Forget
Subeena - Dereflex
Young Snead - I Love When Dey Hate
Hudson Mohawke - Fuse
The Cool Kids - Jump Rope
Doll Phase - Damn Right (Instrumental)
Sweat X - I'm That Alley (Mike Slott remix)
Loops Haunt - Impact Omnihammer
Rustie - Teen Souls Burning
7vwwvw - It's my Birthday

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mercredi 2 septembre 2009

Hud Mo # Skiffle Mix

Fuck You Pay Me Like Jay-Z

1. Scream Club - Drunk
2. Cheryl Lynn - Overworked & Underloved
3. Take - Make Believe (Dimlite’s Incredible Re-Make)
4. Lowest Layer - Where You Been
5. Dorian Concept - Right Direction Through Wrong Perception
6. Taz Buckfaster - Au Revoir
7. Joyce Sims - Lifetime Love
8. Uday Napoleon - Crack Crack Crack
9. Eric Lau - For The D (Pritchard Remix)
10. Rustie - Pressure Bubbles
11. Take - You High (Daedelus Remix)
12. Snoop - Sensual Seduction inst
13. Megasoid - Hadjidselector
14. Alan1 - Drugstore Warriors
15. Labwaste - Duran Roberto
16. Pritchard - Blen inst
17. Latoya Jackson - Private Joy
18. DJC - Blazin Hurts (Ft. Ghislain Poirier, Face T, & T.I.)
19. Dema - Get Your Lean On
20. Samiyam - Asthma
21. HudMo - 3/4 Heart Re-Twirk
22. Noisome - Brainset (Ed Devane Mix)

Volume 3 (of 5) from Dam-Funk’s debut full length album

Volume 3 (of 5) from Dam-Funk’s debut full length album, Toeachizown. Life takes listeners on a cool ride thru DF’s original “modern funk” galaxy using his signature analog synth and old school drum machine mastery. Produced, recorded, written & sincerely funked without anyloops or samples by D-F in Leimert Park, California.

Toeachizown will be released as a 5LP set in Fall 2009, with CD to follow.

Download # Love is here 2nite (i can feel it)

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Chris Cunningham # For GUCCI

Well...nothing else to say

WAAJEED # The Eternal Mixtape (Rest In Peace Baatin)

Good Vibrations

▲❍▼❏ 4 A

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mardi 1 septembre 2009

Please, Feel Free To Be Polite [BIG & BAD]

Food in da plane made us wild

A quick reminder: Feel free to be polite
Here's ma Nigga latest tune.....dont worry everything is under control, Chief
Large Up

Big and bad by centralmassive

Lucky Me Mixtape 43 # Kode 9 - Hyper Luck Mix

Mr. Hyperdub himself is the latest to take up the lucky me challenge...


Sa-ra - Dirty Beauty
Prince - The Ballad of Dorothy Parker
Kleer - Intimate Connection
Cameo - Back & Forth
Herbie Hancock - Perfect Machine
Slava Tsukerman - Margrets Apartment
The Associates - Message Oblique Speech
Slava Tsukerman - Night Club
Gosub - Last Night at the Stardust
Slava Tsukerman - Seduction of Vincent
Simonetti/Morante/Pignatelli - Tenebre
Simonetti/Morante/Pignatelli - Slow Circus
Ryuichi Sakamoto & David Sylvian - Bamboo Houses
Dizzee Rascal - Brand New Day
Sun Ra - Rocket Number Nine

Don't Forget to pre-order your copies

Order all five EPs and the double CD compilation now for a specially discounted price of £35 / €42 / $58. The releases will be delivered to your door, one a week, until the start of October when the CD compilation is released. The full tracklisting for all of these releases is as follows.

Hyperdub 5.1 EP - 12"Vinyl (HDB023) Released: 31/08/09
Kode9 & The Spaceape ft. ChaCha - ‘Time Patrol’
Black Chow – ‘Purple Smoke’
Flying Lotus – ‘Disco Balls’

Hyperdub 5.2 EP - 12"Vinyl (HDB024) Released: 07/09/09
Joker & Ginz – ‘Stash’
Zomby – ‘Tarantula’
Samiyam – ‘Roller Skates’

Hyperdub 5.3 EP - 12"Vinyl (HDB025) Released: 14/09/09
Quarta330 – ‘Bleeps From Outer Space’
LV feat dandelion – ‘Turn Away’

Hyperdub 5.4 EP - 12"Vinyl (HDB026) Released: 21/09/09
Martyn – ‘Mega Drive Generation’
LD – ‘Shake It’

Hyperdub 5.5 EP - 12"Vinyl (HDB027) Released: 28/09/09
Mala – ‘Level Nine’
Cooly G – ‘Weekend Fly’

5 Years Of Hyperdub - 2x CD Compilation
CD#1 - A CD compilation including all the tracks featured on the 5 EP's. Plus several additional previously unreleased tracks.
CD#2 - A 16 track compilation of older hyperdub music, much of which has never been released on cd before.


One of the most acclaimed producer, with this most awaiting LP....1984
After Alix dropped his LP sampler with the massive Club Banger's I'm Free (with Melanie on da flip), with recent collaborations and live apparitions with Ramadanman, D-Bridge, SP:MC or da Shogun & Metalheadz crews, everybody is looking in his direction....

Virus Keyboard Mate?

Alix Perez 1984

release date: 12th October 2009

CD version [SHACD003]:

1. 1984
2. The Cut Deepens (ft. Foreign Beggars)
3. Fade Away
4. Voices
5. Portraits Of The Unknown (Interlude)
6. Forsaken (ft. Peven Everett & Spectrasoul)
7. Intersections (ft. Ursula Rucker)
8. I'm Free
9. Calm Of Cast (ft. Yungun)
10. Suffer In Silence (ft. Zero T)
11. Contradictions
12. No Grudge (ft. The Truth and Lynx)
13. Hemlines (ft. Sabre)

Vinyl version [SHA31] (3xLP)

1. The Cut Deepens (ft. Foreign Beggars)
2. Fade Away
3. Forsaken (ft. Peven Everett & Spectrasoul)
4. State 808
5. Contradictions
6. Myriads

Limited edition 10" [SHA029]

2. Suffer In Silence (ft. Zero T)

Check LP Launch Party Calendar HERE

TOKIMONSTA # The Functional Dysfunction Podcast

If you read this blog, or/and if you interest about the music i like
I dont need to introduce her.....

If you dont know, make yourself a favor and spend one mo'hour on da web

Go Download

Tokimonsta - Forgetting Numbers
Mono/Poly - Red & Yellow Toys
Shlomo - Hot Boxing the Cockpit
(This Shlomo was my tune of August.....Thanks TOKI 4 Playin' it)
Zwicker - Traumdeuter
Johnny Farmer - Death Letter(Organized Noize remix)**
Tweet - Call me (TOKiMONSTA remix)
Simo - Wop Wop
Frank N Dank - Shut It Down(Devonwho remix)
Flyherro - So Serious
14 KT & Dibiase - Going Fine
MF Doom - Favorite Ladies (TOKiMONSTA sultry remix)
Michael Jackson - Butterflies (Mndsgn remix)
Tokimonsta - Moving Forward
Ophrap & 5th P - So Beautiful (prod Afta-1)
Elaquent - The Love
Teebs - WLTA
Roachman - Bushka**

**: old timey, personally discovered dopeness.

lundi 31 août 2009

[Quote of the Day]


RT @ZombyLDN I dont know why they call me a dubstep producer. I never write any dubstep

Lucky Me Mixtape 41 # Respite - Two Years Ballin Mix

* Massive *

41. Respite - Two Years Ballin Mix

Joe Respite in the commemorative mix for the 2nd Ballers Anniversary. Can't believe we are two years old already.

Peace to Ellen

respite intro
bflecha - kosmic lovers
mark pritchard & om'mas keith - wind it up (freak mix)
respite - pang
zet. - assesino
respite - wall to wall
zomby - digital fauna
respite - hundreds & millions
joy orbison - hyph mngo
respite - ill at ease
snd - untitled
debruit - congo whoomp
limonious - pommak
force quit - third corner left
respite - clockwork east
tiago - never forget

Check Also The Great Selected photography from the Hudson Mohawke's Poly Folk Dance launch party at Plastic People London, plus the Pyramid of Boom with Fly Lo, Rustie & Hud Mo; the bangin' Gaslamp Killer, Dougal from 7VWWVW & The Blessings show held to 50 sweaty folks in the basement of the old IVY in Glasgow. Oh, and the New Look / Lazersword Thugs n Hugs show / afterparty. Polyfolk Dance shots by Matt Cheetham of Thug and Hugs shots by Pixy. Numbers Pyramid of Boom shot by Konx Om Pax. All others are are just our own camera-

This Is Lucky Me