jeudi 16 août 2007

Control, a film by Anton Corbijn

Control is a biopic film about the late Ian Curtis (1956-1980), lead singer of the legendary post-punk rock band Joy Division. The screenplay is based on the book Touching From a Distance, by Curtis' wife, Deborah, who is also a co-producer of the film.

The film details the life of the troubled young musician, who forged a new kind of music out of the punk rock scene of 1970s Britain, and the band Joy Division, which he headed from 1977 to 1980. It also deals with his rocky marriage and extramarital affair, as well as his increasingly frequent seizures, which were thought to contribute to the circumstances that led to his suicide on the eve of Joy Division's first U.S. tour.

The title is a reference to one of Joy Division's more memorable songs, "She's Lost Control". The song title is believed to be a reference to an epileptic girl Curtis befriended while working at a rehabilitation center in Manchester. The girl died during a seizure and thus inspired the title.

The film premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, on 17 May 2007, where it was received well by the critics. Although shown outside the Palme d'Or competition, Control was the big winner of the Director's Fortnight winning the CICAE Art & Essai prize for best film, the "Regards Jeunes" Prize award for best first or second directed feature film and the Europa Cinemas Label prize for best European film in the sidebar.

You can check the Official Website or an unofficial one here

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The director Anton Corbijn is famous for his works with Depeche Mode and all the photos he took of U2, David Bowie, Billy Idol, Arcade Fire, John Lee Hooker to Quentin Tarantino and so on...Much works also for Details, Vogue or Rolling Stone Magazine.

Check also an Interview of Anton Corbijn on Youtube featuring Footage of the film.

F%*ùç Hungry now...Let's have some Algerian Food....Love Paris !!!

Thinner presents Holger Flinsch - Discovery EP

Thinner....Thinner...Thinner....Make my day again & again & again & again....
Can't live without it anymore !!!!

I was listenning this great mix by [in]anace again called Thinner Process on Subsource , Submix section. Looking for Neurotron EP on Thinner (too's not available anymore) and diggin, diggin, diggin again some powerfull and dark atmosphere...Just to remind me how much i miss that f%µ!ùù Berghain in East Berlin. Anyway, was diggin' til i found this name : Holger Flinsch...
As i can understood, he's the creator/owner of Basalt records a german (no way?) netlabel. 4 releases on this netlabel with a live of Holger Flinsch in Berlin, available for download. (for i have to say it everytime, around64Mo, .rar file)). Holger's sounds are pretty different from what i presented in the 2 lasts posts, not that much atmospheric but more powerfull...More dancefloor in a way....After listen it, my fav' track is without any doubt Fandango. Minimal, lots of clickety sounds everywhere on a deep fat bass...Exqueeeeeeeeezit' Holger..Can't wait to listen that live (on the DL right now).

Also, i think i'm falling in love for Benfay a.k.a Benjamin Fay, a guy from Bern in Switzerland. Also Thinner's artist...He's one of the most talented Thinner artist and he signed the last release on Thinner [Thn096] : Born on a Houseboat
As it describe on the homepage it's all about "Delicious Minimal House Grooves", i have to say that i love minimal but for a dancefloor it's quite boring sometimes...if it's not and your head isn't light as a pill...Anyway, Powerfull minimal beats...My fav' work of Benfay is one of the first release on Thinner [thn007], his EP called Carbon, released in 2001...I heard this tracks into Thinner Process as well....

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Get it There
First track called Carbon is pretty common but i love the construction as all Benfay's production : Deep sounds at the beginning and starting to grow up on & on & on...I love that shit..
As you can read on Thinner website, the Carbon EP don't have any comments by the press...but as i can see on the last one, n°96 you have comments from Spain & Uk's...
The 2nd track called Bonnie Mandarin is just amazing. At the beginning, you'll start to say :"Geeezzzz, another minimal sleepy stuffs...But at 3'30, you know you're onto it and it's gonna be hard to be safe....
Unlimited Ovation on the Dancefloor....if you put the last track called Calamine's techno like it was at the latest 90's...Between Underworld, Laurent Garnier shakin by Jeff Mills...Hard piano notes, according to the beat, reverbs, gloomy sounds behind this...You think it's finish but it's just the very beginning...Don't wanna sleep !!!!!!

Benfay Official Website

All of works are free to download and use under the terms of a Creative Commons License.

Stay free.....