vendredi 13 mars 2009

No Weak Hands # 4 [ The Cello Edition ]

Kishin Shinoyama, Twin (1969)

It's gonna be da week-end in 7 hours, i slept about 2 hours last night....

As this post's picture, a photo by Kishin Shinoyama: Time stopped and i'm looking at the sea.
Sea is alive, life goes on and you can keep it lookin at it as those twins...lookin for the perfect time...maybe it's just right now...maybe the boat already passed and they're stayin here...

I'll not post angry songs, except for the last one: the DnB track for a perfect evening run or boxe training.

Enrico Rava # New York Days (ECM, 2009)


We start with a song from the new Enrico Rava's LP, which is amazing...One of my fav's Enrico Album ever. And one of the best jazz album of early 2009...

For this New York session, Rava had taken the piano miracle's Stefano Bollani, with whom he plays gladly in duet. Bollani listens to Rava as if this one was a singer and supplies him an accompaniment which glorifies each of its notes. Famous ECM's sound (with reverberation) contributes to the blue colors of the quintet, so that it is night-New York which spreads(displays) here with an insidious charm. The rhythmic, constituted by Larry Grenadier on double bass and Paul Motian on drums, the cheek in the perfection the halftones which are convenient for this meditation aloud on the city and its life. We only like New York under that Italian lighting.
But Rava's biggest idea for that record is to have invited the saxophonist who is perfectly convenient for his ample and a little bit solemn style on the fast tempos ( on The Outsider): Mark Turner. This one gets rid here of a tendency to investigate unlimitedly puzzling ranges. Not quietened down, Turner deepened for the benefit of the beauty. The record is impressive also for the compositions, among which reminds the Nino Rota of Fellini.

Enrico Rava # Interiors (ECM, 2009)



Many people told me Paranoid Park was a very disappointed movie...
Even if you can't discuss people's tastes, it's such a mistake...
What a good movie, what a great performance with this young actor and also what a great direction by G. Van Sant...That's a really "short-long movie"; about 80minutes...but i didnt felt it at all. I didnt like "Last Days", it bored me so wasn't about the rythm...just performances & mostly absence of music...
Which is a good point in Paranoid Park...Music serves perfectly the movie.
I always wanted to make films or "music video" from a song i like.
Many times, falling asleep with da Ipod and i imagine movie shots...from rhythm or atmospheres....
Here's a song from Animal Collective's member: Panda Bear (aka Noah Lennox)
...I always think about Paranoid Park when i'm listenning to it...and the lonely walks of the main character's Alex.

Don't worry, if you didnt watch Paranoid still can enjoy the song ; )
It's from the LP called Person Pitch and it's an amazing travel

Panda Bear # Take Pills (Paw Tracks, 2007)


Her shadow's Flyin___In The Mood For Love___still

This is the biggest success of W.K.Wai...and probably the movie who introduced him to the Public. I'm crazy about Chungking Express, as many people...and i watched all his movies. Even the short one he did for Eros short films with Gong Li & Andy Lau.
In The Mood..'s Soundtrack is one of the best seller in the world...and the composer of the Main Theme is Michael Galasso. (He also worked on Chungking Express)
I wanted to share with you one of his song from the album he composed in 2004 called High Lines (still on of the best label worldwide...)

Michael Galasso # Somnanbulist (ECM, 2004)


I highly recommended you to buy this album if you liked In The Mood..'s atmospheres. I can understand this soundtrack is overlistenned for this is a way to discover his works and to remind you the movie.

Rufus Cappadocia # Songs For Cello [Live in New York] (Daqui, 2008)


What a great & enjoyable surprise...Rufus Cappadocia captured live in NYC, is a must for any cello lover...

I look back on everything I’ve been doing for the last twenty years,” Cappadocia concludes, “and can see the way it’s all linked and how it circles back to the beginning. With Songs For Cello, I’ve returned to solo performance again. It’s all live, with an emphasis on the intuitive. Those are the things I’ve learned how to do through all my explorations and collaborations. Even as I’ve incorporated these experiences, it brings me back to the basics and it’s the same with the music. Eastern modal traditions; Hendrix riffs; the blues and folk music; it’s all one source that you keep tapping into in different ways.

Rufus has built his carreer by exploring new territories, where few cellists had dared to venture. It's a lifelong quest that had made him a master of music's universal language, in all its astounding diversity...

I never post a song randomly...

Rufus Cappadocia # Forgiveness (Daqui, 2008)


Ha-Yang Kim # Ama (Tzadik, 2008)


We're keepin on with Cello player...And this one is my fav' of this post.

M.Galasso is a violin player not cello, but sounds of the previous track is really louder...than what u expect from a violin...

R.Cappadocia's one is gettin' more deep and more the meaning of 'Trane or Steve Coleman...There's no movie influences in Rufus's record....

For Ha-Yang Kim, it's again something different.

First it's a Tzadik you know (or you really don't know ahahah) what to expect. Then, after read about her, you'll know she's working on many different projects, as duo or trio, experimental or ambient music.

I personnaly love this record, i always loved Cello sound...and she make it sing, with her own words: it's 100% composition.

To close that post,

this is a 2002 composition, solo cello performance called Lens.

Ha-Yang Kim # Lens (Tzadik, 2002)



State Of Mind # Out Of Focus (feat.Concord Dawn) [SOM Music]

Hardstuffs are good sometimes....Most of the time it is
Not for Fainted Heart, she said.....I still don't get it at 100%
But i figure this track is the right way to describe english's expressions i can't get

Have a Good Week-End world


mercredi 11 mars 2009

Coachella 2009 Adds Bands, DJs etc etc...

CoachellaCrazyCrowd (Pic from The Scrooge Report Blog)

I just received the line-up for Coachella Valley Festival.....
Insane...F***Insane, again...better than2008
I just WANNA GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you're around and you miss it....don't tell me
Check tha'shit

Paul McCartney, Morrissey, Franz Ferdinand, Leonard Cohen, Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band, Beirut, The Black Keys, Girl Talk, Silversun Pickups, The Ting Tings, The Crystal Method, Ghostland Observatory, Crystal Castles, The Airborne Toxic Event, We Are Scientists, N.A.S.A., Patton & Rahzel, M. Ward, The Presets, The Hold Steady, A Place to Bury Strangers, Felix da Housecat, Buraka Som Sistema, Ryan Bingham, Bajofondo, Peanut Butter Wolf, Noah & the Whale, White Lies, The Bug, Alberta Cross, Los Campesinos!, Craze & Klever, Molotov, Switch, Gui Boratto, Steve Aoki, The Aggrolites, People Under the Stairs, The Courteeners, Cage the Elephant, Dear and the Headlights.

The Killers, [Amy Winehouse=CANCELLED], Thievery Corporation, TV on the Radio, Band of Horses, Fleet Foxes, MSTRKRFT, Michael Franti & Spearhead, Atmosphere, Mastodon, TRAV$, DJ-AM, Henry Rollins, Crookers, Turbonegro, Hercules and Love Affair, Superchunk, Glasvegas, Dr. Dog, Drive-By Truckers, Booker T & the DBT's, Amanda Palmer, The Bloody Beetroots, Surkin, Para One (Live), Calexico, Liars, Bob Mould Band, Zane Lowe, Electric Touch, Blitzen Trapper, James Morrison, Drop the Lime, Glass Candy, Thenewno2, Gang Gang Dance, Billy Talent, Ida Maria, Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti, Zizek, Cloud Cult, Tinariwen.

The Cure, My Bloody Valentine, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Throbbing Gristle, Lupe Fiasco, Paul Weller, Peter Bjorn and John, X, Antony & the Johnsons, Roni Size, Public Enemy, Jenny Lewis, Groove Armada, Paolo Nutini, Christopher Lawrence, Lykke Li, The Kills, Okkervil River, M.A.N.D.Y., Clipse, Sebastien Tellier, Fucked Up, Perry Farrell, The Horrors, Late of the Pier, K'naan, Junior Boys, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Supermayer, No Age, Vivian Girls, Shepard Fairey, Themselves, Gaslight Anthem, The Knux, Mexican Institute of Sound, The Night Marchers, Marshall Barnes.

Get It ?????????????????

I Just wanna go to The Dome for this one:

Saturday night from 7.30- 4am in the Dome
- Flying Lotus
- The Bomb Squad
- Kode 9
- Daedelus
- The Professionals
- 6 Blocc
- Daddy Kev & Nocando
- Gas Lamp Killer Vs DLX
- Ras G & Samiyam
- Mc Kemst


Some 2008 Archives 4 LZBSTRDZ
(Rapidshare allow only 1 DL at time, be sure to DL the most wanted first
Megaupload is quite ok but blocked in some country
Mediafire is the better one here)

HOT CHIP (Part 2)

etc etc (Google+Coachella+Live+2008.....Do It Yourself)


Copyright Is For Losers (Banksy)

Finally after his 2004 Soundtrack For Sunrise release, Gabriel Reyes-Whittaker (aka GB) returns with a free EP. Now it might not come close to his last album (not counting that strictly therapeutical Healing Tones crap from last year) but hey it’s free right? It features GB’s interpretations of (in his eyes) dope artists like Little Dragon, Flying Lotus, Muhsinah, Exile, A Race of Angels and yes…The Beach Boys.
It’s a nice one to keep us hungry, but we need more of that 2004 flava!
Grab it now, it's free and enjoyable in da Bath wit'da Joint & your Lova...

GB # GB Interprets His Contemporaries EP

Bonus Track (From Soundtrack for Sunrise)


Mixed By Kasra

Fresh podcast from the Critical camp featuring lots of forthcoming tracks/dubs etc etc. as is kasra's style, no fancy teases/double drops and that nonsense, just good tunes well mixed.
Very refreshing.....Watch out for our next party in June Featuring Kasra, Futurebound & MC Rymetyme....

Sabre Feat Tuere - Original Sin - Critical
Rockwell - Tribes - Critical
Alix Perez & Kemo - Im Free - Shogun
Ramadanman - Untitled - Critical
Commix Breaking Through - 31
Spectrasoul - Guardian - Metalheadz
Jubei & Tyrone - Junk Yard - Critical
Nymfo - Wall Movement - Dub
Spectrasoul - Organiser - Critical
Ulterior Motive & Judda - Infrasonic - Subtitles
Break - Isis - Symmetry
Serum & Vapour - True Calling - Critical
Spectrasoul - Mimic - Subtitles
June Miller - Strongarm - Dub
Proxima - You Aint Ready- Shogun
Universal Project & Vicious Circle - Gumball Rally - Universal Circle
Silent Witness - Hinterland - Critical

Gabor Szabo # Macho LP (1975)

This is why Carlos Santana had so much success...and Gabor stayed much unknown...
This is why O.V.Wright stayed in the shadows while Otis Redding was shining around da world...
Passion for seconders...Eva

Gabor Szabo # Macho (produced by Bob James)
if you like Dove by'll love this one

Tomorrow: New Daru's EP, Fennesz, a French Rap Track with translated lyrics & for sure things i don't know for now....


mardi 10 mars 2009

Kingz Run Lines Suckaz Run Lies

V.E.P Crew
(Paris Early 90's

It's good to share things from your own life....
Linking others peoples blog isn't that interesting sometimes
- So link dat pussyclat -

Today i woke up with an e-mail from an old school buddy...
Kind of message i love...Ahahahah, Sruo if you read this i can't stop myself laughing about that video....Yeah man !!!! "Kingz Run Lines Suckaz Run Lies !!!!!!! "
This mixtape isn't the purpose, but as you're gonna see it, i wanted to share with you first maybe the best mixtape ever.
Yeah, for me it is.

100% Graffiti Muzic bitchzzz, enjoy
JR's Mixtape were, are and will be the best for me. No one bring the underground noise like him
And when you know about the man, the writer, the vandal, the producer, the actor...You know you're talking about a F**** undaground Legend as many people you never suspected to be tunnels rats...Most of true writers were havin' double life, double identity and never slept

All my respect goes to Brian Lucas a.k.a Oeno a.k.a Mush a.k.a Cen a.k.a..........

JR Ewing presents METRO VETERANS Mixtape

Side A
01. Intro
02. Krs-One - Out For Fame
03. Artifacts - Wrong Side Of The Tracks
04. Rasco & Peanut Butter Wolf - Run The Line
05. Krumb Snatcha - Hip Hop
06. C.O.D. Crew - Streets R Callin
07. Lord Finesse - True & Livin
08. Oldworlddisorder - ????
09. Flowmastaz Click - Dirty Money
10. Zion-I feat. Planet Asia - Critical
11. Rasheed & Chief Kamachi - Forever
12. L.M.N.O. - Street Wise
13. Da Kemist - Platform Rapform
14. Swollen Members - Circuit Breaker
15. Yeshua Da Poed - The Essence

Side B
01. Intro
02. Company Flow - Lune TNS
03. Cactus Jack - Red Line
04. Cru feat. Ras Kass - Bullet Proof Veet
05. Fat Joe - Find Out
06. Virtuoso - ????
07. Ripshop feat. Mr. Eon
08. Cover - I'm Trapped
09. Masta Ace & Lord Digga - Styles Wars
10. Tame One - Torture Chamber
11. The High & Mighty - B-Boy Document
11. Cipher Complete - Bring Hip Hop Back
12. Slomo feat. Dead Poetz Society - Hip Hop Can't Stop
13. Arsonists - ????
15. Saafir - ????
16. Loop Troop - Ambush In The Night

Purpose of the post is this Video that don't need any explanations...
4 Life

VICES 95 MPV "diary of a madman" from vincent vincent on Vimeo.

As im a cool's the video of the partner in crime
Both were true legend
Stay Rude

Have a good day

lundi 9 mars 2009

Anthony Live, Cypress Hill Rarities Collection, New D.R.E. 4 Bishop, Exile & DJ Day practicing VdO & New Scarub & Very EP

Anthony & The Johnsons # Live at Sixth & I Historic Synagogue
(Washington D.C. 3rd Feb.2009)

  1. "Where Is My Power"
  2. "Her Eyes Are Underneath the Ground"
  3. "Epilepsy Is Dancing"
  4. "One Dove"
  5. "For Today I Am a Boy"
  6. "Kiss My Name"
  7. "Everglade"
  8. "Another World"
  9. "Shake That Devil"
  10. "Crazy in Love"
  11. "Fistful of Love"
  12. "You Are My Sister"
  13. "Twilight"
  14. "Aeon"
  15. "Cripple and the Starfish"
  16. "Hope There's Someone"

Welcome back Arts Headz...Hope your week-end was good...Friday night, we been to the Jungle Juice at Cabaret Sauvage, Paris to see Rusko, Subfocus & Spor. Rusko blowed my mind, Undercover cops invaded the backstage 2 hours after gates opend....They caught about 25 people and left.....Paris is getting more & more controled by Pigs....but it's crisis you know, that's what they said...Fuck them all & Be Scared... - -'

After a great chillin' week-end, week is startin again and i link some good stuffs i found...
First of all, that Anthony's Live in D.C. After he dropped his last LP a month ago, you'll be able to heard his fantastic voice live....Sit Back, take your tissue and roll a big one...herm herm...Roll 3 in advance cause B-Real, Muggs & all are comin' to hit your brain....insane in the brain!!!!


Roll It Up, Light It Up Smoke It Up # Cypress Hill Rarities Collection

1. Cypress Hill–Roll It Up, Light It Up, Smoke It Up from Friday OST (Priority, 1995)
2. Cypress Hill-”Freak Tha Funk from Ghost Rider/Freak Tha Funk 12′ (?)
3. Cypress Hill ft. Fugees-”Boom Biddy Bye Bye” from Boom Biddy Bye Bye 12″ (Ruffhouse, 1995)
4. Cypress Hill ft. Redman & Method Man-”Cisco Kid” from How High OST (Def Jam, 2001)
5. Cypress Hill ft. Sonic Youth-”I Love You Mary Jane” from Judgment Night OST (Epic, 1993)
6. Cypress Hill-”Ice Cube Killa” from Ice Cube Killa Promo (1997)
7. Cypress Hill-”Illusions (Q-Tip Remix)” from Illusions 12″ (Columbia, 1996)
8. Cypress Hill-”Scooby Doo” from Ain’t Goin’ Out Like That 12″ (Ruffhouse, 1993)
9. Cypress Hill-”When the Shit Goes Down (Diamond D Remix)” from I Ain’t Going Out Like That CD-Singles (Ruffhouse, 1993)
10. Cypress Hill-”The Last Assassin” from The Cable Guy OST (Work, 1996)
11. Cypress Hill ft. Funkdoobiest-”Stoned is the Way (Reprise)” from Latin Lingo 12″ (Ruffhouse, 1991)
12. Cypress Hill-”Crossfire”
13. Cypress Hill ft. PMD-”Champions” from Tequila Sunrise 12-European Version (Ruffhouse, 1998)
14. Cypress Hill-”Untitled” from Soundbombing 3 Advance (Rawkus, 2002)
15. Cypress Hill-”Smuggler’s Blues”from III (Japan Release) (Ruffhouse, 1995)
16. Cypress Hill-”Ready to Die” from What’s Your #
17. Cypress Hill-”Shoot ‘Em Up” from Juice OST (Fontana, 1992)
18. Cypress Hill ft. Redman, Erick Sermon & MC Eight-”Throw Ya’ Hands in the Air” from Unreleased & Revamped (1996)

Photobucket back

Forthcoming new Dre's LP "Detox" is confirmed to be launch since more than 8 months now...As Snoop said : "That record is real, it's coming... I was starting to doubt it myself and then I went up in there and he played so much music for me it knocked my head off"
This was last....June....2008....Finally announces for 2k9, most of fans just can't wait for it.
I even rode that if the LP isnt in stores this year, some fans will never buy it !! ahahahah
Chill broz's just buzzin' & buzzin'
And as André had difficult times recently with his son's death, i think we all should be more patient....
Here is something for ya ears....Peace to the Doc'

Bishop Lamont f/t Stat Quo, Busta Rhymes & Warren G # Bring It Back ( DRE)

Also check the latest L.A.Times article with Bishop Lamont talkin 'bout Detox & The Reformation forthcoming...

Exile ft. DJ Day Practice Session Video from Jonathan Kim on Vimeo.

Awesome video thanks to the essential Nah Right blog. Practice session footage of Exile and DJ Day doing their D-Train routine.


This is my shit, completely my shit....Gooseflesh as fuck....Don't ask yourself, Just go Buy this superb EP

Scarub & Very # Do Thangs (Highly Recommended)

Afro Classic (AC’s or Classics) is a rap duo consisting of Scarub from the west coast rap group Living Legends and Very of Us Pros. Los Angeles based, they have been working together since 1999. In 2001 they released their first group album self entitled Afro Classics, which was followed by two Japan tours, and numerous performances up and down the west coast of The United States. Now back with a new perspective on music, Afro Classics have brought forth Classic EP. This beat driven, well versed, EP consists of six (6) progressive, hard-hitting cuts. Their songs cover a range of topics such as relationships, succession in life, and perseverance. It has been long time coming since their last release, and now in 2009 Afro Classics present The Classic EP.

Have a nice Moonday