samedi 30 janvier 2010

FLYING LOTUS # The Black Fist Mix @ Warp Pure, Paris

Thanks God that i didnt miss this party...Best Music thing of 2009

Here's 1hour of what it was

SCUBA, SLUGABED & APPLEBLIM - Live at Eurosonic Noorderslag, Groningen

One of the key figures in bringing the sounds of techno and dubstep together and, along they way, bringing dubstep to audiences around the world, Paul Rose aka Scuba is one of the pivotal figures in the triple B axis of Bristol, Berlin and bass - running Hotflush Records in Bristol, running the Sub:Stance club night at Berlins Berghain club and bringing plenty of bass in either case. Along the way he's finding time to produce some ground shaking tracks and take them places around the world. Here's a heavyweight set he played on the RBMA Radio stage at Eurosonic Noorderslag festival in 2010 - you might want to get some decent subwoofers before you listen in.


vendredi 29 janvier 2010

FREE DOWNLOAD [Eskmo # Sister, You Have Got To Listen]

One of my 2009 best producer just gave away a free track (320) via Amon Tobin website. Builded on talks with his lil'sister, which is going pretty well with synths & ambient sounds around, this song is going well with this January month excitment. Take it easy.

Be sure, to grab this today or in 15 years


If u need more Eskmo, and u never heard about him, he did an excellent mix for Brainfeeder 2 months ago.
// This was all around the web //
Whoa, Downloads reached more than 17 000 hits today!!!!



jeudi 28 janvier 2010

Shlohmo & Julio Bashmore @ MAH, BBC 1xtra 01-28-2010

“Shlohmo delivers an exclusive mix from San Francisco and hotly tipped Bristol producer Julio Bashmore steps up with a highly original mix.
Brand new tracks from Wiley, Doneao, Von D and Tokimonsta.
Coming up: Mosca vs Walsh”



!!!1. Gonja Sufi — She’s Gone (from the LP A Sufi And A Killer) Warp !!!!
2. Paulinho Moska — Nike (Club Edit from the Square One EP) Night Slugs
3. Wiley Wiley — MC Pon 141 Dubplate
4. Youandewan — Dsico (from the Sub-Rosa 12”) Magicbag
5. Machine Drum — Late Night Operation (Jimmy Edgar remix) Dubplate
6. Airhead — Empty 9-Volts Dubplate
7. Kuedo — Shutter Light Girl (from The Dream Sequence EP) Planet Mu
8. Numan — She Says Dubplate
9. Donae’o Donae’o — Riot Music Digital Soundboy
10. Superturbo — Four Years In The Smoke Dubplate

Shlohmo Mix

1. Shlohmo — Tomato Squeeze Shlohmo Remix
2. Shlohmo — Glue Stick
3. Shlohmo — VOR/oFF
4. Shlohmo — Brown Note Research
5. Shlohmo — Garbage

Julio Bashmore Mix

1. Claude VonStroke — The Greasy Beat (J Phlip Remix)
2. Deadboy — Voodoo
3. Julio Bashmore — Chazm
4. Distal — Notlanta
5. Breach — Fatherless
6. French Fries — Senta (Bok Bok remix)

13. Nocando — Exploits and Glitches (from the LP Jimmy The Lock) Alpha Pup
14. Om Unit — Cradle (from The Corridor EP) Terrorhythm
15. American Men — Cccool World Lucky Me
16. Mark Pritchard — Heavy As Stone Deep Medi
17. Abstract Elements — Wrong Exit
18. EPROM — Shoplifter (Slugabed mix) Black Acre
19. Neon Black — Take Good Care (from The Blood EP) Unreleased
20. Lykke Li — Little Bit (Tokimonsta bootleg) Dubplate
21. Loefah — Disco Rekah (from the LP DEEP MEDi Releases Vol 1) Deep Medi
22. IJO — Time Symphaty LowVibe

23. Wake Up Dev

1. Von D — Miss Maui
Black Acre

1000NAMES – Lowriders Mixtape 002

"Nr. 002 is here!
This one is done by two artists we’ve invited to one of our events last year. We’ve been fans of
1000names since their releases Eklektik Records. The irregular spacy beats and usage of outerworldly and vintage samples proves that these two have a firm grasp on future sensibility. They’ve always kind of flown under the radar but that’s all going to change soon. With a mix done for Mary Anne Hobbs recently and also an LP forthcoming on Black Acre, the prospective of the new decade is looking good for the two Bulgarians."

Cop da Interview & Streaming HERE



1. Bibio – Great are the Piths
2. Black Monk & Ras G – Juju
3. Wankers United – Superfunky
4. Coco Bryce – bit crushing
5. Inko – Alma Parodia
6. Gards from KC – Statement
7. Robot Koch – Gorom Sen (Shlohmo rmx)
8. Kidkanevil – Mega joy
9. Lone – Arcade
10. Yoggy One – Moonwalk
11. Alan Hwakshaw – Technicolor
12. A.Rodionov – Electronic Jokey(horse races)
13. 1000names – Telephony 2000
14. Blue Daisy – Hunters
15. Shafiq Husayn – Evil Man (Flying Lotus rmx)
16. Lapti – Polar Bear


(via Lowriders Collective)


If you have one LP to cop this month, make sure it's this one. Re-Issued by the EXCELLENT Leaving Records label, this was already adulated all around da beat's planet in 2008.
Just check the list of featurings including Dibiase, Dak & Washington's producer/Mc LeRoi da MOOR. This is just Sick & reminds me to put it back into my Rockin'Socks Machine

(Check check Check CHECK LinkS Besides)

"The 2008 cult classic from Durlin Lurt now has a home.
Sounding more fun and filthier than ever, the conceptual work spans the alphabet (twenty six tracks, with many familiar guest features) sampling you-know-who through an experimental hip-hop lens that is unique and absurdly organic."
(Artwork by Liv Rodriguez)



02. Breathe (feat. LSA)
03. Crayonz (feat. O’Fiber)
04. Danger (feat LeRoi Da MOOR)
05. Eye
06. Falling
07. Gimme 5
08. High
09. In-Out | Here 2 Do (feat. Aahtue)
10. Junk (feat. mgr)
11. KO | Glass Cutter (feat. Mr. Dibiase)
12. Llamas (feat. Tone Liv, Decay & Selfish)
13. Magic
14. Nice
15. OK
16. Peace
17. Quack | the gonzo (feat. dak)
18. Rap
19. Subway (feat. Delofi)
20. Trash (feat. mgr)
21. Understand
22. Vibrate
23. Wet
24. Xxercise (feat. Fat Transfer)
25. YoYo
26. Zowie

“as grimy as a Burger King bathroom”

“i was about to traash this then i smolked a hi biscus plant.”

“Beside the fact that it’s abstract,messy and noisy i don’t get what’s the point.”

The Akai Professional APC20

The APC20 is Akai Professional’s second dedicated controller for Ableton Live. It frees you from the keyboard and mouse, letting you compose and perform with a fully integrated hardware/software musical system. Like the APC40, it features a multicolor 8×5 button Session View Matrix, 9 high-quality faders and two-way communication with Ableton Live. The APC20 also features 3 modes of operation, built-in customization features and a number of smart new tricks.

The APC20 was co-developed by Ableton and Akai Professional

Madrid 24/7 DVD Trailer

2000's Century.....Us against Them
Keep on rockin'


mercredi 27 janvier 2010

FREE DOWNLOAD [Stones Throw Podcast 55 # House Shoes & J-Rocc]

Be sure you get that shit today

Stones Throw Podcast 55 (already...damn...) # Where's Stoney

House Shoes & J.Rocc put together a collection of Strong Arm Steady & Madlib tracks on the eve of the release date for their album In Search of Stoney Jackson. Some of these songs are off the album, others are not. Strong Arm hosts the mix.

Strong Arm Steady will be performing live at Fat Beats, Los Angeles, at MIDNIGHT on the night of Monday, Jan. 24. This is a free, all ages event, with some free beer for those 21+ with an ID. House Shoes will be DJing at 11PM. Location: 7600 Melrose Ave, 2nd Floor, Los Angeles CA.

Don't Forget to grab your Limited 10-inch edition of Do-Over, featuring House Shoes & Flying Lotus HERE. Sorry if i didnt write a post on it...But, if you missed that, get out of your anti-nuclear war room please. Volume 1 offers up two neck snapping bangers courtesy of Flying Lotus (Warp/Brainfeeder) & House Shoes (debut release) in this L.A. vs Detroit beatdown. Artwork/Packaging by Steve Harrington (view site)


FORTHCOMING [Scuba # Triangulation LP]

Finest Producer Scuba is about to drop his second LP in March, according to wom-pr. Recently released on Ostgut-Ton's Sub:Stance, Scuba Mix is one of the best mix cd we listened since months...a CD which accompanied his residency at the techno-dominated Berghain/Panorama Bar. Most of people will say that it's too deep, or too slow, or not dancefloor enough but...come on...It's a release on Berghain Label, what did u expect? A Bok-Bok way of style?
No thanks.
My mind is working propperly and i dont need anything else than a large sound system (or good headphones) to enjoy this master piece.
According to his recent releases: an EP on Hotflush called Aesaunic including the great progressive Ambient to 4/4 tune "Aesaunic" and the wicked dancefloor dark deep "Reverse", also his already anthem remix for DFRNT's Headspace which is actually inside all tracklisting from Headhunter to Jus Wan or Ramadanman; Scuba is one of the main head of what they called "Dubstep Dub Techno blabla shit" Movement. To me, he's an entire and not just for sale artist of the last 5 years.
Remind this, that in 5 years Scuba will be still there as Zomby or Kode 9...
Not for fainted
Creator of Hotflush recordings, who signed & discovered many of the actual finest producer such as Sigha, Pangaea, Untold or Mount Kimbie; Scuba never followed the trend and always bring the freshest cut. I won't be surprised at all with a Blue Daisy release on Hotflush...Fingers crossed !!!
So it's a real great news, that he will drop his 2nd LP Triangulation on March 22nd, 2010, Mark your agenda. On Triangulation, Scuba continues to push the envelope. Though the album has a vibe that is distinctly dubstep, there are a number of interesting variations, such as "On Deck," which sports a 4/4 electro beat, or the trip-hop-influenced "Before."

01. Descent
02. Latch
03. Three Sided Shape
04. Minerals
05. On Deck
06. Before
07. Tracers
08. You Got Me
09. So You Think You're Special
10. Heavy Machinery
11. Glance
12. Lights Out

As am not gonna write more about one of my fav' producer all time (did u noticed?), i let you enjoy his podcast on Hotflush, which is one of the best of 2009


Also, if you missed his remix he did for Cinnamon Chasers's Luv Deluxe, be sure to grab it immediatly HERE

FORTHCOMING [Justice # Beginning Of The End]

I had to link this up...not cause am a fan of the cross, but because if the forthcoming LP is like this // I will confess, why didnt u released a 2xLP's last time guys.....Nothing revolutionnary at all. Ok bassline sounds Justice, Keyboards sounds Justice..oh yeah, fuck...
It's Justice
If u love Justice, u'll love the new single called Beginning Of The End...
Beginning of the end was long time ago dudes // Anyway, listen & see (but not for me)

(click right/save as)

mardi 26 janvier 2010


"The Zonafied/Rare Form machine back at work .
We're type tired of what's being accepted as Hip-Hop nowadays !
So we basically tellin all up and commin' "RAPPERS" what you need to get on .
Have your gimmicks in order ; meanwhile " WE" keep givin' you official HIP-HOP !!!!

The formula stil works !!!"

<a href="">The Tirade by ZONAFIED</a>

<a href="">Rapstar 101/ Demo by ZONAFIED</a>

DéBRUIT # Spatio Temporel EP

SPATIO TEMPOREL is a diverse and engaging journey through dÉbruit’s incredible array of rhythms and influences. Armed with his synths he’s takes his beats to Africa via LA, France, Persia and the future. Combining African Yoruba, Nigerian Highlife, Persian Funk, Congolese Electronics, Vocoded Ouest Coast vocals and international Thoroughbred Synths with dÉbruit’s jack-knifing riddims, booby trapped syncopation and bass heavy collisions.

dÉbruit has, his Summer 09 sell out Let’s Post Funk 3D EP generated a raft of support from the global Hip Hop, Beat and Dub fraternities and this, his 2nd Release for Civil Music, cements his Beat Konducta status. in “149 Dalston Airline “ dÉbruit warms rich synths and modifies the traditional percussion of the West African Yoruba People with funky bass and vocoded synths. In “Nigeria What” it’s the unique Yoruba vocal style thats get the treatment along side more African Highlife style shaped guitar. (The Yoruba constitute around 30 million individuals throughout West Africa and are found predominantly in Nigeria)

In “KO Debout” the African variety continues, reprocessed Congolese Mbira/Kalimba Thumb Pianos combine with dÉbruit’s synths and beats. Extreme groove, pulsing zipping bass and slaloming bee swallowing vocoded vocals make for a unique and unmistakable sound and rhythm. “Persian Funk” is just that; High reving vocoder, exponentional drumming build huge staccatos amounst the intricate programming and rhythms. Heavy slow laser funk with old school hip hop breaks booming middle eastern bop.

Look out for the 3D artwork, Videos and branding By RainbowMonkey which are being incorporated into the Live show.

Recently relocating to London UK the French Rhythm Wizard has made Europe his playground Touring his Impressive Live Show throughout the UK, France, Spain, Germany, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and Russia and tearing up the festival circuit along diverse talent from Afrika Bambaataa to Rusko, Kid Cudi to Ethio Jazz legend Mulatu Astatke with features and front covers across Japan, Australia, Spain, Germany, France, Russia and the USA.

Freewheelin synthlines, looping and wobbling perfectly. Angular beats chop and synths purr wildly bass unzips seductively and African vibes spill. Unmistakable.

<a href="">K.O. Debout by dÉbruit</a>

Buy 3D 12" and Get the Download Free at Civil Music (with free 3D glasses: Artwork by Rainbowmonkey)

Buy Digital Release on Bandcamp