jeudi 28 janvier 2010


If you have one LP to cop this month, make sure it's this one. Re-Issued by the EXCELLENT Leaving Records label, this was already adulated all around da beat's planet in 2008.
Just check the list of featurings including Dibiase, Dak & Washington's producer/Mc LeRoi da MOOR. This is just Sick & reminds me to put it back into my Rockin'Socks Machine

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"The 2008 cult classic from Durlin Lurt now has a home.
Sounding more fun and filthier than ever, the conceptual work spans the alphabet (twenty six tracks, with many familiar guest features) sampling you-know-who through an experimental hip-hop lens that is unique and absurdly organic."
(Artwork by Liv Rodriguez)



02. Breathe (feat. LSA)
03. Crayonz (feat. O’Fiber)
04. Danger (feat LeRoi Da MOOR)
05. Eye
06. Falling
07. Gimme 5
08. High
09. In-Out | Here 2 Do (feat. Aahtue)
10. Junk (feat. mgr)
11. KO | Glass Cutter (feat. Mr. Dibiase)
12. Llamas (feat. Tone Liv, Decay & Selfish)
13. Magic
14. Nice
15. OK
16. Peace
17. Quack | the gonzo (feat. dak)
18. Rap
19. Subway (feat. Delofi)
20. Trash (feat. mgr)
21. Understand
22. Vibrate
23. Wet
24. Xxercise (feat. Fat Transfer)
25. YoYo
26. Zowie

“as grimy as a Burger King bathroom”

“i was about to traash this then i smolked a hi biscus plant.”

“Beside the fact that it’s abstract,messy and noisy i don’t get what’s the point.”

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