vendredi 27 novembre 2009


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WARP presents WARP 20 in Paris

NICE NICE (LIVE last signature on Warp, 1st LP forthcoming early 2010)
Very, very, very, very special guest FOURTET (DJ)

and don't forget to pre order your copy of
North / South / East / West on Bleep

Have a Nice Week-End, Tonight RCF1 will paint a billboard inside Paris
you can check details on Facebook Event HERE
It will be at corner Oberkampf - St Maur Streets // Startin 6pm
See u there or see u never


jeudi 26 novembre 2009

Tune of the day


Don't sleep on them.....Statix is for sure to watch in 2010....MAH already used their forthcoming track Mind over Matter for her Sonar Video

Big Tings Coming

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mercredi 25 novembre 2009

Sade announced Soldiers of Love LP release date

One of my fav singer ever is FINALLY back !!!!!!!
Epic Records just announced today that Sade’s long-awaited album, Soldiers of Love, will be released on February 8th! First studio album in almost a decade!

lundi 23 novembre 2009

3am Tune

Antipop Consortium - Capricorn One
(Reverse Engineering REmix - UNOFFICIAL)
by Reverse Engineering

F**** Lovin' Dis One

Headphones, Weed & .....yeah........
That's Enough

Reminder ** HEADHUNTER # Prototype (Modeselektor’s Broken Handbrake Remix) / Sex at The Prom

** REPOST **

Ltd 12" on Tempa in deluxe foil blocked sleeve DUE 23/11/09

You better be on your Shop TODAY....will be out of stock as fast as Slayer's Tickets last week in Paris...

* For the next 12" in the Tempa Ltd. series (Numbered, Limited Edition vinyl packaged in a deluxe foil-blocked sleeve) Apparat collaborators and Thom Yorke favourites Modeselektor reinterpret ’Prototype’, a choice cut from Headhunter’s debut LP ’Nomad’ (TempaCD014).

* Harnessing the driving bassline of the original, Modeselektor create a greater sense of pace and alertness, fusing Headhunter’s ethereal dubstep qualities with an altogether more Berlin techno feel.

* ’Sex At the Prom’, on the southside, underlines Headhunter’s ability for drawing from surrounding genres. Rigid bass stabs incessantly pound an otherwise sparse soundscape into submission - Mary Anne Hobbs has already blown-up one sound system with this track - before pausing as if to check it’s minimal counterpart still breathes. This respite is enough for the percussion to find its second wind and - aided by a warped synth line - the battle continues on more even terms, rounding out a heavily pulsating 12" that begs to be played out on a massive sound-system.

* Tracklist:
A>> Prototype (Modeselektor’s Broken Handbrake Remix) [Listen]
B>> Sex At TheProm

TRILOGY # Brother Don't Cry & More to Come

So, let's start real business today...Cause things gonna be big // And they all just start to realize with only one tune that TRILOGY will crack ya headz
Last 20th August, i talked about that Tune brovaz produced and Gilles Peterson played in his show Worldwide, check the article Here

TRILOGY is a musical project formed by Redeyes, Luce & Youthman
It's weird to talk about music you heard in the studio and that you can't show to people
But Time will come, and trust me big Things coming
So here's the first track to go out from the studio, and already been played many times by Gilles Peterson since August (11th November tracklist included) and also now by Benji B (15th November) , Floating Points & Many More...
All vocals & Lyrics are by Luce and she composed the music with Red & Youth

Enjoy this superb piece...and roll a lil'one

Brother Don't Cry by Trilogy

Also, as TRILOGY loves you, Here's an exclusive mix by Mr Redeyes
The 1st TRILOGY Mixtape in a series...Watch this tracklist, only things i love & play as well
I just can't wait for their productions to hit Yo Ears

Download TRILOGY MIXTAPE on their Soundcloud

Trilogy Mixtape vol.1 by Trilogy

01 Flying Lotus & The Life Force Trio - Aunties Lock
02 Little Dragon - Fortune
03 Muhsinah - Goh Again
04 Dorian Concept - Bi Polar Friendship - Mar Variation
05 Eletric Wire Hustle - Chaser
06 Julien Dyne - Fallin Down
07 Trilogy - Brother Dont Cry
08 Gangstarr - Fala
09 Notorious BIG - Suicidal Thoughts - Lorn Remix
10 Take - Fall in Love Again
11 Hudson Mohawke - Rising 5
12 Dam Funk - Searchin 4 Funks Future
13 Floating Points - Truly
14 Simbad - Digital Revolution
15 Falty DL - To London
16 Pepe Bradock - Deep Burnt
17 Simbad vs D'angelo - Keep da Move
18 Donaeo - Riot Music
19 Joy Orbison - Wet Look
20 Instra:Mental - Futurist
21 Alix Perez ft Truth & Lynx - No Grudge
22 Dark Knight - Broken Beats
23 Martyn - Yet
24 Ramadanman - Revenue
25 Untold - Palamino

ps: Luce...sorry about my english

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The 8-Litre Applicator follows the Krink tradition of seeking new tools for creative expression.
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KR Interview # Kriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiink4Life

Arkitip | Krink | Incase from Arkitip, Inc. on Vimeo.

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dimanche 22 novembre 2009

When It Poor It Rains