jeudi 25 mars 2010


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will take me time to control WP so am sorry for the very basic presentation for now, Contents are still the same.
Peace and thanks to all followers
but I personally thank all artists, creators, writers, bloggers that i wrote about or relay informations///PEACE


FLYING LOTUS # Interview for R.A.

Not For Fainted

real knows

TOKIMONSTA # Cosmic Intoxication EP pre-ordering NOW !!!

...the realness...

TOKIMONSTA # Cosmic Intoxication EP (Ramp)

$$$ pre-order Vynil, MP3, FLAC $$$

BONUS (say Yeah)

Tokimonsta Live @ Buckwild RBMA Special Bitterzoet March 14th 2010

mercredi 24 mars 2010

VENDREDI 9 AVRIL @La Java, Paris # On Da Bass Limited with TREI (Samurai Music - Critical - Shogun), DEKKO (Frequency - 31Records) Taktile Touch Crew

Pour fêter le retour des beaux jours Taktile Touch tape dans l’exclusivité. Ce nouveau numéro des On Da Bass Ltd sera l’occasion de découvrir deux dj’s qui n’ont jamais franchi le sol français. Trei, ambassadeur de la drum and bass music en Nouvelle Zélande commencera sa tournée européenne à la Java. Avec des sorties sur des labels comme Critical Music, Shogun Ltd, Commercial Suicide, Samurai Music, et Marky’s Innerground, son style ingénieux et mélodique continu de recevoir le support des plus gros dj mondiaux. Dekko, petit frère de Subterra est un jeune talenteux dj/Producteur ayant signé sur Frequency, 31 records ou encore Invisible. Il s’est rapidement forgé une réputation de dj versatile avec une technique imparable sur la scène drum’n’bass anglaise. « Deux apparitions à ne surtout pas manquer ».
Nos compères de Taktile Touch se chargeront d’ambiancer le tout avec leurs dernières selections du moment : du Dustep et de la Drum’n’Bass pointus comme on les aime !

Stay Taktile, Keep da rollin Touch


Trei (Samurai Music - Critical - Shogun Ltd) / Nz

Dekko (Frequency - 31 records - Invisible) / Uk

K.spé (Taktile Touch) / Fr

Danny (Taktile Touch) / Fr

X_J (Taktile Touch - UB Radio) / Fr


@ La Java

105 rue du Faubourg du Temple - 75010 Pari

De 00:00 à 06:0

Prix : 8 euro


lundi 22 mars 2010

FORTHCOMING LPs [Nosaj Thing # Drift Remixed - Take # Only Mountain - Lorn # Nothing Else - FLYamSAM # Precious Cargo]

NOSAJ THING # Drift Remixed (Alpha Pup)
release date Unknown


TAKE # Only Mountains (Alpha Pup)
release date 20th April

1. Before You Think
2. Neon Beams (direct download)
3. Horizontal Figuration
4. Crystallia
5. Don’t Look Now
6. Quartz for Amber
7. If We Don’t All Go Insane
8. Begin End Begin
9. Incredibright (click right, save as)
10. Creosote (feat. As Is)
11. Paper Garden
12. Implosions
13. Juniper


FLYamSAM # Precious Cargo (Brainfeeder)
release date UNKNOWN


LORN # Nothing Else (Brainfeeder)
release date May 25th

1. Grandfather
2. None an Island
3. Army of Fear
4. Bretagne
5. Automaton
6. Void I
7. Void II
8. Tomorrow
9. Glass & Silver
10. Cherry Moon
11. Greatest Silence
12. What's the Use

- If You Don't Know, Now You Know -


vendredi 19 mars 2010

FACT mix 133 # Lazer Sword

1. Roger Troutman ”Superman”
2. Krystal Klear ”Throw It Away”
3. Inner City ”Big Fun (Lando Kal Remix)”
4. Ghosts On Tape ”Midnight Moves”
5. Zackey Force Funk ”The Split”
6. Lazer Sword ”Shot In The Nite”
7. Machinedrum ”SXLND (Demo)”
8. Maniac ”G.R.I.M.E.”
9. Rebound X ”Rhythm N’ Gash”
10. Terror Danjah ”Haunted”
11. Gucci Mane ”Stupid Wild (ft. Lil Wayne, Cam’ron)”
12. DVA ”Keep Up (4X4 VIP Mix)”
13. Slugabed ”Ultra Heat Treated”
14. Fantastic Mr. Fox ”Brandy Remix”
15. Crookers ”No Security (Rustie Remix Instrumental)”
16. Soulja Boy “All Black Everything”
17. Lone “Waves Imagination”
18. Low Limit “Trapperkeeper”
19. Salva “Wake Ups (Edit)”
20. Mr. Dibiase “Spacely Sprocketts”
21. Letherette “Track 9″
22. Javelin “Leonard pt 6″
23. E-40 “Show Me What You Working Wit ft. Too Short”
24. Bernard Fevre “Dali”

This is not a Tracklist, It's landscapes

Grab Goldenshake EP

jeudi 18 mars 2010

NUJABES Rest In Paradise

Today is a very sad day....very very sad

It has been announced that Jun Seba, aka Nujabes, Japanese hip hop producer extraordinaire, passed away late February. Official statement from the label (in Japanese) here:

We deeply regret the loss of a unique talent and a close friend. Through his soulful music, Nujabes has touched so many people around the world, even beyond his dreams. He was a mysterious character to most as he avoided the public limelight, rarely conducted interviews, so only a few got to know the man behind the signature production. Yet it continued to amaze me how young listeners of all backgrounds learned of his enigmatic name, and expressed support for his music.

As I write now from Japan, I had been leaving him messages the past couple of weeks, trying to get in the studio together, so the news could not have come any more unexpected. Even last week, I passed by his house and called him thinking he was still home.

I met Nujabes around 2000 and as an upcoming MC, I was fortunate to work on tracks such as Battlecry, F.I.L.O, Luv(sic) parts 1, 2 and 3. We had been working on the next trilogy of Luv(sic) over the past year (which we're determined to see through). The last time we talked in January, Nujabes emailed me to wish Jeff Resurreccion, a 19-year old beatboxer who had just passed way from cancer, his heartfelt condolences.

While we continue to respect the privacy of his family, we will work to preserve his legacy, and pay tribute to the body of work, some unreleased, that he has left for us to enjoy. Jun Seba will be dearly missed by his family, friends, colleagues, and fans worldwide.
in peace,

mercredi 17 mars 2010

SCUBA # Triangulation LP is out now



Not Only For Dancefloors but My Neurons Are Bangin' since im listenning to it

My fav' tunes = Minerals, You got me, Glance, Lights Out, Three Sided Shape....

!!!!! BUY IT !!!!!

samedi 13 mars 2010

Moving to WP

Moving to wordpress soon...yeah Blogger is dictator and kill blogs as Wom-pr, who was only for pr press labels, no links at all,no mp3 nothing illegal....

Suck ma D***** Google am escaping wit monkeys family

FORTHCOMING [Teebs & Jackhigh - Tropics EP (Svetlana Industries)]

"This is a collaborative project between our own Jackhigh and the US visual artist and beatmaker known as Teebs. As a member of the LA-based My Hollow Drum collective, Teebs is part of the much vaunted LA-based beats scene centred around Poo-Bah Records and the Dublab radio station, as well as being part of Brainfeeder, Flying Lotus’s hand-picked selection of artists and producers, with whom he recently toured Japan. He recently created a collection of painted on record sleeves which has been widely exhibited around the world. His track WLTA was recently featured on Mary Anne Hobbs’ Wild Angels collection.

Teebs’ woozy strings & Jackhigh’ mournful beats come together on the Tropics EP, a 7 track mini-epic of distracted soundscapes and washed out melodies. It’s music that’s all about travelling, like a 21st century version of the Exotica records of Les Baxter. Teebs will be creating all the artwork for the release, including a special limited number of screenprinted sleeves. You can hear one of the tracks, Clutch, as part of Flying Lotus’ hugely acclaimed BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix."

Tropics EP-Teebs & Jackhigh-X1-Clutch by Svetlana Industries

Teebs & Jackhigh - Tropics on Mary Anne Hobbs, 04/03/10 by Svetlana Industries

Teebs & Jackhigh


vendredi 12 mars 2010

[FREE DOWNLOAD] Hench Mixtape Vol. 1 # 2 Tracks & Mixtape Sampler Ordering

Not long until the release of the Hench Mixtape Vol. 1 (Mixed by Jakes). They're giving you away the next in a series of free downloads, this time from Eddie K - Who's the Hardest.


This track features on the HENCH Mixtape Vol. 1 -

The compilation is to be mixed by Jakes and will feature unreleased tracks from Papa ‘ench himself. The release will also contain new exclusive tracks from Komonazmuk, Chasing Shadows, Eddie K, Lost and Giant, as well as providing a platform for debut releases on the label from Mensah, Tek-one and Minus.

There will be more free tracks ahead of the full release of the Hench Mixtape Vol. 1 -
Stay tuned at !!!

Also Mixtape Vynil Sampler 3 & 4 are for sale now featuring tracks by Jakes, Giant & Chasing Shadows
Have a quick listen Fools !!!


jeudi 11 mars 2010

mercredi 10 mars 2010

Forthcoming [FREE THE ROBOTS # Ctrl Alt Delete (Alpha Pup Recordings) + XXXclusive Downloads]

When people ask me about what am waiting for, i tell dem to check this blog but there are always few names remaining...Blue Daisy, Teebs, Rockwell, Lorn, 00Genesis, Shlohmo and of course Free The Robots...Anything signed on Daddy Kev's Alpha Pup label can be buy by eyes closed, but for Free The Robots its just like adding Champagne with Zubrowka...Champagne Cocktail.
So today a special Free The Robots post, cause he disserved it, and you readers disserves to know and listen some eXXXclusive shits...Start reading & DL after da jump

Ctrl Alt Delete is due on March 30th on Alpha Pup Recordings

"Santa Ana’s Free The Robots debut full-length Ctrl Alt Delete (Mar. 30 on Alpha Pup) is an evolution—a fearsome and sophisticated instrumental album as animated by the spirits of Can or Agharta-era Miles Davis as by Madlib or Dilla or the Low End Theory beatmakers that are regulars alongside them at the Crosby. (Ikey Owens’ guest spot on “The Eye” launches the song somewhere between Davis’ “Billy Preston” and Can’s “Father Cannot Yell,” and surely Julian Cope will be writing about this momentarily.)

Robots’ real-named mastermind (and Crosby co-owner) Chris Alfaro knows exactly how to pace and how to punish, and each song on Ctrl Alt Delete is a carefully assembled piece all its own; together, however, they align into an album of vision and precision.

Opener “Sci-Fidelity and the crushing “Global Warning” tent pole the album—both glacial in temperament and tempo, and both the kind of song that grinds dinosaur bones into dust—but there isn’t a soft spot anywhere. Second-to-last “Turkish Voodoo” (certainly friends with Gaslamp Killer’s recent “Turk Mex”) would have been a natural ender, with its smashing OH NO-style beat, synth blips for improved circulation and a climax that will catch and messily devour the next song in your shuffle. But actual conclusion “Inter Arma” is instead the slow-burning “Mother Sky” that Ctrl Alt Delete truly demanded. It’s a vital release for heads of any pedigree—beat, bass or like Damo Suzuki, mushroom—and up there with dios’ we are dios as one of the strongest local releases so far this year."

-Chris Ziegler (OC Weekly)

The first single from CTRL ALT DELETE is called Orions Belt Buckles, maybe you already grab it cause it's been on some sites since a week now..
And as the name says: its pretty circles sounds, heavy basslines...
Fuck Yeah, a spacecruising

Second surprise comes over LA WEEKLY, with this exclusive tune only available on their site.
I wont post any direct link so
Track is called Jupiter, and til i'll discover the complete tracklist of this LP, i will keep on thinking that C.A.D. will be a fuckin Space Odissey.....Let's see, but am sure to not be disappointed.
It just looks to good...


Last but not least surprise comes from Free The Robots himself, with the re-up of a very rare mix CD he did for OBEY Mix Series. Only 100 copies were pressed back in 2007...This week, he re-up this master-piece full of classics joints...


"Here’s a classic OBEY mix I did w/ Roam in 2007. It was pretty rare when it released so you might not have gotten a chance to get it.. Maybe a few hundred CDs pressed. Click the link . It’s pretty oldschool, but theirs some serious classic joints on it that might bring you back.

Let this one ride out… MHE, Murder City Devils, Madlib, Johnson&Johnson, Dilla, Bad Brains, Beasties, Dead Kennedys, Portishead…all over the place!"

New MGMT from forthcoming LP "Flash Delirium"

MGMTs are giving away a free song from their very awaited new album called Congratulations, go on WHOISMGMT.COM or threw this link
Subscribe and receive your gift


mardi 9 mars 2010

jeudi 4 mars 2010

Pre-Order is Now !!! "TIMELESS DVD BOXSET"

From Mulatu Astatke to J.Dilla to Arthur Verocai, the Timeless Concert Series touched upon the works of three musical giants. Mochilla is proud to announce the release date of our 3 DVD Box Set with downloadable audio portion as March 30th, 2010!

The box set will be an extremely limited and numbered edition of 4,000, which will include full liner notes, a free poster exclusive only to this box set, extra features, songs and slideshows of images used in the presentation. There will be a series of events scheduled around the release date.

Box-Set Available 3/30/2010
Pre-Orders Available NOW:

On February 1st, Ethiopian musician and inventor of Ethio-jazz, Mulatu Astatke, a giant in African music blessed the sold-out Luckman Fine Arts Complex with an amazing show. He shared the stage with veterans of the Los Angeles jazz scene Bennie Maupin, Azar Lawrence and Phil Ranelin. The performance is beautiful - showcasing many classics as well as some new material too. He's currently touring Europe with the Heliocentrics and is still talking about the Timeless concert in Los Angeles.


Timeless 2 celebrated the music of J.Dilla. Composed and arranged for a 60 piece Orchestra by Miguel Atwood-Ferguson feat. special guests Bilal, Dwele, Posdnuos, Talib Kweli and more. This premiere performance is still on the minds of many. Mixed and mastered by legendary Grammy award winning producer/mixer, Bob Power. The man behind hundreds of pop and jazz recordings for such artists as Erykah Badu, D'Angelo, De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest and more, he had also worked with Dilla while he was alive. Hiphop has never sounded or looked like this, welcome to a new era, a new scale and a new sound. Part of the proceeds of all Suite for Ma Dukes performances and recordings will go towards Maureen "Ma Dukes" Yancey and the heirs to the Dilla Estate.

FULL SCREEN / Pela Sombras

Arthur Verocai has composed and arranged for such giants as Jorge Ben, Gal Costa and Leny Andrade. But hiphop heads know him for his often sampled (see Ludacriss, MF Doom and Lil Brother) self titled solo album. The album came out at the height of the Brasilian dictatorship and was a commercial failure. His performance of this seminal 1972 record brought the capacity Luckman crowd to a stand still. According to Verocai, "he had never played the record, alive or dead!" His delight at the opportunity to play this music in its complete form can be seen in the DVD. He has subsequently been offered an opportunity to do the concert again in London. Stay tuned. The music for the DVD has been mixed by Verocai himself in Rio de Janeiro. History turned on its head and musical justice served.

I just ordered mine....and you should do the same // DILLA 4 EVER

Focus on Yusaku Kamekura, Father of Japanese grahic Design

Excellent series of Posters from Yusaku Kamekura, considered as the father of the graphic design in Japan. Via the EXCELLENT Pink Tentacle website that i highly recommend to all art lovers, not only Japanese ones....


mercredi 3 mars 2010



One of my favourite producer recorded his guestmix for BTS Radio
As FlyLo told me, his LP is on the way to hit the world.
All his productions are beautifull, deep, well built and yeah as you can see
he's a great painter too.
But, now, it's all about music

Samiyam - Taco Delay (CDR)
Teebs - Tophats (CDR)
Dimlite - Quiz Tears (All City)
Exile - Dan Choir (CDR)
Devonwho - Todo (Teebs' Cut) (Klipmode)
Teebs - Verbena Tea (CDR)
Lone - Karen Loves Kate (Werk Discs)
Flying Lotus - Melt (Teebs Movie Mix) (CDR)
Take - Wonderman's Flask (Teebs Re-Edit) (CDR)
GLK - Birthday Music (Brainfeeder)
Flying Lotus - Plinko (CDR)
Vara - Bzzzar (CDR)

Method Man, Ghostface & Raekwon # Criminology 2.5

Hell Yeah...Pure artwork Pure HipHop WU WU WU WU WU WU WU

Download / via

lundi 1 mars 2010

F # Mix & Interview for SonicRouter

F's debut album is about to BLAST your system (Trust me) & Sonic Router's team (a pity they didnt win the Dubstep Awards...TRULY Yo, Show some love by drop a comment)
So ya they get F for a special mix, ITW and Chat // Check the tracklisting and Jump

Untold & LV - Beacon - Hemlock Dub
Helixir - Untitled - 7even Recordings Dub
Instra:Mental - Vicodine - Naked Lunch Dub
Jus Wan - Untitled - ?
Headhunter - Evolver - ?
F - Chillin' - 7even Recordings
J. Sparrow - The Fullest - Tectonic
Ruckspin & Quantum Soul - Venus Project - Transistor Recordings Dub
James Fox - Put It Back (Ramadanman Refix) - Take Records
F - Hologram - 7even Recordings
J.Sparrow - Untitled - ?
DJG - Avoid The Noid - Pushing Red Dub
DJG - Avoid The Noid (Headhunter Remix) - Pushing Red Dub
F - Funk Injection - 7even Recording



Stay wit' us...


Hell Yeah, it's our party on Saturday and as i said before we have an exclusive shit coming...but i wont say it again // JUST BE THERE.....EARLY

Opening 00h00

LOGISTICS (Hospital) / Uk

BROOKES BROTHERS (Ram Recs / Breakbeat Kaos) / Uk

YOUTHMAN LIVE ! (Trilogy / Central Massive) / Fr


Ménagerie Electrique

@ Glazart
7/15. Av. porte de la villette 75019 Paris
De 00:00 à 06:00
Prix : 10

FREE DOWNLOAD [Devonwho # Thumbtracks Remix Vol.1 (with Teebs, Shlohmo, Tokimonsta, MatthewDavid & More Remixes]

Yeah...I get Internet back Bitchz....

<a href="">braketime (mndsgn's sequel) by devonwho</a>
Grab this Muthafuckin GOOD compilation with the All Stars Finest Producers // Is it really for FREE????? YEAAAAAH it is

PEEP PEEP PEEP SHOW !!!!! Hella Hella

TRILOGY's Brother Don't Cry on Brownswood

I told you all // Trilogy is HERE, and will S.T.A.Y. !!!!!
Don't miss our party this saturday with a big surprise...TRILOGY LIVE Hell Yeah !!!

BUY new Gilles P Comp HERE (Cd include DL version)

Electric Wire Hustle - They Don't Want
Ragen Fykes - Love Life
Shafiq Husayn feat. Fatima - Lil Girl
Daru feat. Rena - Happy
Analogue Monsta - Nxt Msg (Deletion Mix)
Dam-Funk - Searchin' 4 Funk's Future
Ron Basejam - Into My Life
Calypso Rose - Calypso Blues
Michael Olatuja feat. Lynden David Hall & Andrew Roachford - Hold On
Nailah - Sacred
Trilogy - Brother Don't Cry
The RAah Project - Trick of The Light
Samuel & The Dragon - Rising Up (Slow Mix)
Lily M - Loving Universe (The Works Remix)
Shaunise & Duktus - Wide Eyes
fLako | Dirg Gerner - I Want You