mercredi 10 mars 2010

Forthcoming [FREE THE ROBOTS # Ctrl Alt Delete (Alpha Pup Recordings) + XXXclusive Downloads]

When people ask me about what am waiting for, i tell dem to check this blog but there are always few names remaining...Blue Daisy, Teebs, Rockwell, Lorn, 00Genesis, Shlohmo and of course Free The Robots...Anything signed on Daddy Kev's Alpha Pup label can be buy by eyes closed, but for Free The Robots its just like adding Champagne with Zubrowka...Champagne Cocktail.
So today a special Free The Robots post, cause he disserved it, and you readers disserves to know and listen some eXXXclusive shits...Start reading & DL after da jump

Ctrl Alt Delete is due on March 30th on Alpha Pup Recordings

"Santa Ana’s Free The Robots debut full-length Ctrl Alt Delete (Mar. 30 on Alpha Pup) is an evolution—a fearsome and sophisticated instrumental album as animated by the spirits of Can or Agharta-era Miles Davis as by Madlib or Dilla or the Low End Theory beatmakers that are regulars alongside them at the Crosby. (Ikey Owens’ guest spot on “The Eye” launches the song somewhere between Davis’ “Billy Preston” and Can’s “Father Cannot Yell,” and surely Julian Cope will be writing about this momentarily.)

Robots’ real-named mastermind (and Crosby co-owner) Chris Alfaro knows exactly how to pace and how to punish, and each song on Ctrl Alt Delete is a carefully assembled piece all its own; together, however, they align into an album of vision and precision.

Opener “Sci-Fidelity and the crushing “Global Warning” tent pole the album—both glacial in temperament and tempo, and both the kind of song that grinds dinosaur bones into dust—but there isn’t a soft spot anywhere. Second-to-last “Turkish Voodoo” (certainly friends with Gaslamp Killer’s recent “Turk Mex”) would have been a natural ender, with its smashing OH NO-style beat, synth blips for improved circulation and a climax that will catch and messily devour the next song in your shuffle. But actual conclusion “Inter Arma” is instead the slow-burning “Mother Sky” that Ctrl Alt Delete truly demanded. It’s a vital release for heads of any pedigree—beat, bass or like Damo Suzuki, mushroom—and up there with dios’ we are dios as one of the strongest local releases so far this year."

-Chris Ziegler (OC Weekly)

The first single from CTRL ALT DELETE is called Orions Belt Buckles, maybe you already grab it cause it's been on some sites since a week now..
And as the name says: its pretty circles sounds, heavy basslines...
Fuck Yeah, a spacecruising

Second surprise comes over LA WEEKLY, with this exclusive tune only available on their site.
I wont post any direct link so
Track is called Jupiter, and til i'll discover the complete tracklist of this LP, i will keep on thinking that C.A.D. will be a fuckin Space Odissey.....Let's see, but am sure to not be disappointed.
It just looks to good...


Last but not least surprise comes from Free The Robots himself, with the re-up of a very rare mix CD he did for OBEY Mix Series. Only 100 copies were pressed back in 2007...This week, he re-up this master-piece full of classics joints...


"Here’s a classic OBEY mix I did w/ Roam in 2007. It was pretty rare when it released so you might not have gotten a chance to get it.. Maybe a few hundred CDs pressed. Click the link . It’s pretty oldschool, but theirs some serious classic joints on it that might bring you back.

Let this one ride out… MHE, Murder City Devils, Madlib, Johnson&Johnson, Dilla, Bad Brains, Beasties, Dead Kennedys, Portishead…all over the place!"

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