samedi 21 novembre 2009

WeekEnd in Berlin

vendredi 20 novembre 2009

Nosaj Thing # Mix for XLR8R L.A.


01 Teebs "My Whole World" (Brainfeeder)
02 Flying Lotus "Unreleased"
03 Free The Robots "La Lune" (Alpha Pup)
04 Tokimonsta "Doing It My Way"
05 Exile "Summer Sun (Take Remix)" (Plug Research)
06 The Gaslamp Killer "Anything Worse" (Brainfeeder)
07 Ras G "Disco 4000"
08 Daedelus "LA Nocturn" (Friends of Friends)
09 Samiyam "My Buddy"
10 Kab & Tully "Unreleased" (My Hollow Drum)
11 Teebs "Unreleased"
12 Nosaj Thing "Us" (Alpha Pup)
13 Flying Lotus "Camel (Nosaj Thing Remix)" (Warp)
14 Nosaj Thing "Ice Cube Remix"

"...and if you don't know now you know nigger"

jeudi 19 novembre 2009

Kinck' in da door.....

Kick the Shit 3000 from I Love Graffiti on Vimeo.

Heineken Times

5 Minutes V.09.05 from I Love Graffiti on Vimeo.

Ouais ma gueule...5 minutes avec Rocco....

Heineken Times

@Danny's.....diggin blogs

L'Amour et la Violence (Floating Points remix)

Fresh from remixing Basement Jaxx, UK beat scientist Floating Points comes correct with a synth-heavy take on French smut peddler Sebastian Tellier’s new single, ‘L’Amour et La Violence’.

Go Grab It (!!! available for 7 days !!!)

‘L’Amour et La Violence’ is released on December 14 via Lucky Number, and marks the final single from Tellier's, er, let’s say unique album Sexuality. A simple, almost exposed song in its original form, Floating Points’ remix stirs Tellier’s vocals into a deep orange cocktail of fluttering melodies, rising synths and off-kilter production that should appeal to fans of his past singles 'Love Me Like This' and 'Vacuum Boogie', as well as Gold Panda and M83.

(via FACT)

Greymatter # Mind Over Matter LP due on Fevruary 2010

- GREYMATTER # Mind Over Matter LP -
Album Drops 17th February 2010

Greymatter is the founder of the Basement Soul club session, the Unique Uncut label, Mr Bongo Soundsystem member, and DJ/producer recording and releasing for Tru Thoughts, NY Soul, Wolf Music, Mr Bongo and Unique Uncut.
His album contains pure amazing & beautifull tunes ... if you don't trust me, have a listen

Too Much PREVIEW by greymatter

We Are One ft. Domu PREVIEW by greymatter

Back In The City ft. Kev Luckhurst PREVIEW by greymatter

Feel free to visit his website here, and go get some free materials via his Bandcamp page...including that brilliant

- Believe In Something ft. Heidi Vogel

Also, for more time with the man, enjoy a soulfull
Live at Illum Sphere's Hoya:Hoya in Manchester last august

[MIXTAPE] Greymatter at Hoya:Hoya August 2009 by greymatter

Contact GREYMATTER on Myspace

Illum Sphere "Long Live The Plan EP" First part of two

Illum Sphere drops the first vinyl ep of a two part album on Fat City recordings
‘Long Live The Plan’ EP features six new tracks
plus a Samiyam remix.

The second ep, ‘The Plan Is Dead’, will land in early 2010 including a collaboration with Lorn and an Ikonika remix.

The ep starts with the apocalyptic introduction ‘Long Live The Plan’, using soaring Bladerunner-esque strings which then flows effortlessly into ‘Better Late State’, a menacing 2-stepper with sparse whiplash snares and driving kicks rolling with a deft sub bass. Then cue the terrifyingly restrained ‘Psycho’, which creeps up on you and leaves you for dead. ‘Psycho’ is sound system music at it’s most refined. Out of that and into the distorted soundtrack string laced ‘Never Lie Twice’, taking you on a troublesome journey but then rewarding you with some beautiful twists and turns.
On side B, ‘Chasing The Midnight Moth’ rises from the ashes of the more sinister A-side. Dusty in it’s introduction, it blossoms in colour, fusing sounds that are seldom heard together in electronic music. ‘Shadowman’ rounds off the original productions, seemingly driving through chaos and finishing in an epic cliffhanger that leaves you impatient for the part 2. But, unfortunately you’ll have to wait, so just let the dope remix of ‘Psycho’ from Brainfeeder and Hyperdub producer, Samiyam round things off, flipped in a style that only this LA native can do.


Martyn (3024/ Hyperdub): “From Manchester's seemingly bottomless talent pool, Illum Sphere is def the one to watch for 2010!”

Mary Anne Hobbs (BBC Radio 1): “Dark drama from Illum Sphere... 'Psycho' is his strongest track to date.. no contest!"

Falty DL (Planet Mu/ Ramp): “Illum Sphere throws ninja stars with drunken Wu-Tang accuracy.”

Lorn (Brainfeeder): “I see 4am, blurred damp street lights, and the master Illum with his subtle torch. What can i say.... 'Long Live The Plan' is legit as fuck and new surprises greet me with every listen.”

Brackles (Planet Mu/ Apple Pips): “This is so sick, literally cannot stop listening to this.”

Wire Magazine: “Long Live The Plan… transcends influence and obvious method”

- 12" - FC12033 -

1. Long Live The Plan - Illum Sphere -

2. Better Late State - Illum Sphere -
Better Late State by Illum Sphere

3. Psycho - Illum Sphere -

4. Never Lie Twice - Illum Sphere -
Never Lie Twice by Illum Sphere

5. Chasing The Midnight Moth - Illum Sphere -

6. Shadowman - Illum Sphere -
Shadowman by Illum Sphere

7. Psycho (Samiyam Remiix) - Illum Sphere -


Here's last Illum Sphere's sesion at Dublab, Check Check Cheeeeck / Tracklisting


mercredi 18 novembre 2009

10 Years Krunchtime Radioshow (August 2007_Re-up)

I found that mix in ma hard drive last week...and just re listen to it...It's just an essential one Full of Classics tunes, progressive & very well mixed
If you missed it, i just re-uploaded it
That's Essential

10 Yrs Krunchtime Radioshow
[August 2007]

(Special Part 4 - Dub Krunch)

recorded from Radio x 91.8 FM Frankfurt

listening without subwoofers prohibited

01 Abucs 3
02 RSD - Love Of Jah Light - Earwax
03 L-Wiz - Girl From Codeine City - Dub Police
04 Kion - Shine
05 Round The World Girls (Tes La Rok Mix)
06 Scuba 10
07 Mala - Left Leg Out - DMZ
08 2562 - Circulate - Tectonic
09 Mala - Lean Forward - DMZ
10 Marc Ashken (Skream Mix)
11 The Black Ghosts (Plastician & Skream Mix)
12 The Others - Africa - Dub Police
13 Dutty Dubz - Back & Forth - Disfigured Dubz
14 Dutty Dubz - Structured Madness - Trackdonalds
15 Mala - Alicia Keys Boot

Low End Theory Podcast IX # Monsieur Daddy Kev & Dibiase

Here we go again....I dont need to introduce that "Must Have Shit" anymore...
Just feed ur RSS please...

LowEndTheory Podcast 9 # Daddy Kev & Dibiase

NastyNasty ->The Reef - Single + bonus is OUT NOW

Frite-Nite Presents:
NastyNasty - The Reef

In the lineage of UK Grime and Philly Streetbass, NastyNasty delivers an authentic half-time dancefloor banger with “The Reef”, the single from the forthcoming Kingdom Come album to drop before year’s end. The dirtiest of sound design and synthesis work, coupled with ambiguous appregio melodies and funky rhythms puts these tunes in the ranks with the next-generation post-Dubstep ballads. If “The Reef” and b-side “Haterade” weren’t enough, NastyNasty taps one of the UK underground’s most notorious melters Slugabed for a proper remix of “The Reef.”

Listen & Buy at boomkat

1) The Reef
2) Haterade
3) The Reef (SLugabed remix)

mardi 17 novembre 2009

Scuba mixes Sub:Stance

Good 1st News is this sick Line Up concocted by Scion Crew...If u in L.A. on 18th, u know where to lost yaself...

2nd good news is this Ostgut Ton announced a Mix CD for Sub:Stance by My fav' producer Scuba...
(via R.A)

Ostgut Ton have announced plans to release a mix album in conjunction with Berlin-based dubstep night Sub:stance.

Since making its Berghain debut back in July 2008, Scuba, AKA Paul Rose, and Paul Fowler's Sub:stance parties have pretty much become the byword for forward-thinking Berlin bass music. Mala, Martyn, The Bug and Joker have been among the many names brought to the German capital over the last 18 months. The night's first birthday celebrations even saw the bash expand throughout the Berghain complex, with Stacey Pullen and Dan Curtin playing Panorama Bar.

With all this in mind, it should come as no surprise that Osgut Ton will be the home for the Sub:stance mix CD. Compiled and mixed by Rose himself, the disc represents a snapshot of the Scuba sound, with four of his own unreleased cuts making the grade alongside a healthy slab of material from his Hotflush imprint. While nicely varied in its scope and sound, the mix has an undoubted air of the dark side throughout, typified by appearances from Surgeon, Ramadanman and Shackleton.

01. Sigha - Light Swells (In a Distant Space)
02. Airhead - Paper Street
03. Sigha - Early Morning lights
04. Pangaea - Sunset Yellow
05. Joy Orbison - The Shrew Would Have Cushioned The Blow
06. Shortstuff - See Ya
07. Untold - No-one Likes a Smart Arse
08. Scuba - You Got Me
09. Surgeon - Klonk pt 4
10. DFRNT - Headspace (Scuba's secret mix)
11. AQF - Born and Raised (version)
12. Badawi - Anlan 7
13. Joy Orbison - Hyph Mngo
14. Mount Kimbie - Maybes (James Blake remix)
15. Sigha - Seeing God
16. Ramadanman - Tempest
17. Instra:mental -Voyeur
18. Sigha - Shapes
19. George Fitzgerald - Don't You
20. Scuba - Minerals
21. Shackleton - It's Time For Love
22. Mala - Stand Against War
23. Scuba - Last Stand
24. Joker - Psychedelic Runway

Ostgut Ton will release Sub:stance on January 25th, 2010

And if you missed Scuba Podcast for his label Hotflush, be sure to download it ASAP !!!