mercredi 18 novembre 2009

NastyNasty ->The Reef - Single + bonus is OUT NOW

Frite-Nite Presents:
NastyNasty - The Reef

In the lineage of UK Grime and Philly Streetbass, NastyNasty delivers an authentic half-time dancefloor banger with “The Reef”, the single from the forthcoming Kingdom Come album to drop before year’s end. The dirtiest of sound design and synthesis work, coupled with ambiguous appregio melodies and funky rhythms puts these tunes in the ranks with the next-generation post-Dubstep ballads. If “The Reef” and b-side “Haterade” weren’t enough, NastyNasty taps one of the UK underground’s most notorious melters Slugabed for a proper remix of “The Reef.”

Listen & Buy at boomkat

1) The Reef
2) Haterade
3) The Reef (SLugabed remix)

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