jeudi 19 novembre 2009

L'Amour et la Violence (Floating Points remix)

Fresh from remixing Basement Jaxx, UK beat scientist Floating Points comes correct with a synth-heavy take on French smut peddler Sebastian Tellier’s new single, ‘L’Amour et La Violence’.

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‘L’Amour et La Violence’ is released on December 14 via Lucky Number, and marks the final single from Tellier's, er, let’s say unique album Sexuality. A simple, almost exposed song in its original form, Floating Points’ remix stirs Tellier’s vocals into a deep orange cocktail of fluttering melodies, rising synths and off-kilter production that should appeal to fans of his past singles 'Love Me Like This' and 'Vacuum Boogie', as well as Gold Panda and M83.

(via FACT)

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