jeudi 19 novembre 2009

Greymatter # Mind Over Matter LP due on Fevruary 2010

- GREYMATTER # Mind Over Matter LP -
Album Drops 17th February 2010

Greymatter is the founder of the Basement Soul club session, the Unique Uncut label, Mr Bongo Soundsystem member, and DJ/producer recording and releasing for Tru Thoughts, NY Soul, Wolf Music, Mr Bongo and Unique Uncut.
His album contains pure amazing & beautifull tunes ... if you don't trust me, have a listen

Too Much PREVIEW by greymatter

We Are One ft. Domu PREVIEW by greymatter

Back In The City ft. Kev Luckhurst PREVIEW by greymatter

Feel free to visit his website here, and go get some free materials via his Bandcamp page...including that brilliant

- Believe In Something ft. Heidi Vogel

Also, for more time with the man, enjoy a soulfull
Live at Illum Sphere's Hoya:Hoya in Manchester last august

[MIXTAPE] Greymatter at Hoya:Hoya August 2009 by greymatter

Contact GREYMATTER on Myspace

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