jeudi 19 mars 2009

Why it's good to diiiigggg

There're somedays you just digggggggz more, insomnia days / kind of but its like drawing, automatically. After 2 or 3 hours you feel everything is connect, creativity and mind, your arm and your brain translating.
Music is same, looking at landscapes in the sub' goin' to work with Steve Reich's 18 Musicians...brings you pictures & sounds straight inside you

[my english still sucks]

Who knows i'll go back so deeper in rapmizik....It's just a matter of diggin' in fact // Thats INVINCIBLE straight from ...... D.E.T.R.O.I.T. HipHops finest new mecca wit'L.A. actually
She's speaking true words, killa lyrics & an AK Flow
Amazing artist, and amazing Person cause caring about social projects and political acts as USA-Palestine Youth Solidarity Network....

Here's a Documentary with Invincible & Finale's track "Locusts".....Directed by Iqaa, about SubPrime's consequences in Detroit.

One Love


Invincible # ShapeShifters (2008)

All blogs i visited to find infos about her, said the same damned tings
"Most Underrated Album of 2008
Best HipHop Lp 2008
Best Female MC actually (sorry Jean Grae....)"
And all and all and all....

and it's been a year like dat'1
maybe i'm a fool..but yeah UNDER-RATED

Productions by Waajeed, Black Milk,
Belief, Labtechs, Djimon, Jayshak, Apex, Knowledge..

So good to hear fresh flow & dark tunes.....O'YEAMOORE
it's pure's a track of Invincible feat. Tiombe Lockhrat (Amazing voice !!!! I want MOOORE !!) called "Ropes"

- Kick ya neighbour'ZzzassOfff -

(Amazon / Download)


Peace J.

mardi 17 mars 2009

THE LIBRARY Radio Show [Bi-Monthly Tuesday @ UB Radio]

THE LIBRARY Radio Show [Bi-Monthly Tuesday @ UB Radio]
Hosted by MrX (myself), Live from Paris

I'm happy to announce that my show "The Library" will be streaming Live from Paris on UB Radio, Bangkok.
Many thanks to Manow & Amnesty for trusting in me
and all my respect to Bangkok Massive
Special ones for Dragon, P, G, Noémie & Tha Homebass Family


Tracklist of the 1st edition
17th March 2009

F – Phase One (7even records)

F – The untitled dub (7even records)

F – Icon (7even records)

F – Phantom (7even records)

Pangaea – Router (Hessle Audio)

Headhunter – Sushi Brain (Tempa)

Pangaea – You & I (Hessle Audio)

Headhunter – Quanta (Tempa)

TRG – Decisions (Tempa)

TRG – Less Music (Tube)

TRG – Harajuku (Tempa)

Shackleton – New Dawn (Scuba Records)

Babylon System & SPL – Shevil (Argon)

Caspa – Louder (PitchBlack)

Babylon System & Noah D – Extermination of Time (Argon)

Caspa – Ohh are ya (DubPolice)

Ratatat – Mirando (Animal Collective remix)

Alias – I Heart Drum Machine

Radiohead – Am a citizen insane

Apparat – Strings of Life

Bat for Lashes – Whats a Girl to do

The Ronettes – Be my Baby

Rae & Christian – Divine Sounds

à Iam – Interlude from Taxi Soundtrack

LaRoux – Inforthekill (Skream Remix)

Cypress Hill – Lock Down

E.Rodney Jones – Soul Heaven

Chloé – Brashov

Richard Davis – World’s Disappear

Apparat – Shine Shine (Boys Noize Remix)

The Bees – Listenning Man

Tony Allen – Woman to Man (Feat. TY)

à Iam – Interlude from Taxi Soundtrack

Afta-1 – Honey Dip

Scarub & Very – Do Thangs

Sound Species – Can we Call it Love? (Feat. AHU)

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