vendredi 13 février 2009

14 Billion Euros...

Official partner of the end of the world 2000


It is not the crisis for everybody....
Total registered in 2008 the biggest profit never realized by a French group: 13,9 billion euro.
A profit in increase of 14 % over one year. The French tanker took advantage of the sharp rise in prices of the petroleum, which became established in 97 dollars the barrel on average over the year 2008, that is 25 dollars more than in 2007. They even reached a historic record in July, 2008, in more than 147 dollars...


Ethics against business: total and Chevron have to leave Burma

One year ago, the decision taken by Nicolas Sarkozy to freeze the French investments in Burma revived the debate on the activities of Total in this country, where the NGO and the syndicates accuse it of supporting the power in place.
Publicly by mentioning this investment, the president of the Republic activated the anger of Christophe de Margerie, general manager of the company, who would very gladly have taken place without this new advertisement made for its Burmese project. The boss of Total did not however have to worry about excess: the French government united around the first French company, explaining that its preservation in Burma was better than its replacement by a Chinese company.
This argument, which justifies a lack of ethics in the excuse that there are competitors maybe less scrupulous still, is not the only one who will have been used for the defence of the tanker. The group did not stop itself using during the years the most different justifications, even the most contradictory.

But for what do we blame exactly Total?

Let us remind at first that Total is, today still, the first foreign investor in Burma. In an interview granted to "Le Monde" on October 6th, 2007, Christophe de Margerie admitted himself that the only incomes of the project Yadana, Total of which is the main operator, had brought back near a million euro a day to the military regime during year 2006.

The financial support for the Burmese dictatorship is coupled with a moral support. In 1992, number of companies hesitated to invest in Burma, because of the repression of the democratic movement of 1988 and the non-recognition of the general election of 1990 which had dedicated the victory of the party of madam Aung San Suu Kyi (God Bless You), the National League for the Democracy. The decision of Total to invest in Burma will have done wonders for the self-confidence of them.

The conditions of application of the project were also the object of debates. So the charge made for the tanker to have benefited from the hard labour of the local populations was worth to him a lawsuit for " crime of detention ". But the company benefited finally from a lack of evidence for reasons of procedure, judge charged with the instruction of the file underlining however that
" the reality of the denounced facts was not possible (could not) be questioned ".



Today, i bought my tickets for April but gonna be Sold Out next week
Tonight, drinks with Utah Jazz & peeps
Tomorrow, Interview & Party with Cyantific & Utah Jazz
Sunday....afternoon, hopefully producing & joints....

One Love, Have an excellent week-end everyone.

jeudi 12 février 2009

A day in the Universe # Max Planck in Bougouni, Mali

Lipitone # Bougouni, Nuits sur Ecoute (Frikyiwa)

Since a month now, i'm obsessed by Max Planck's works...(Thank you Jérôme)
I still can't measure that the whole universe at the Big Bang moment, was inside a small atom...
Smallest as 0,0000000000000000000000000000000001 cm (10-33cm)
At this moment, e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. was inside....From this galaxy to that star to the air you're breathing right now or the rain fallin in the streets and our sun and....and.this that this...and....
ALL in this small..."thing"

It's just too big (or too small) to be understood. After Planck epoch, it's the Quantic World.
And Quantic world is more than f*ù% crazy....Black can be White at the same moment and Grey too or Liquid as Solid....

I think i like it because there's no reference at all....and it's so away from all the control we're under everyday...that's why i chose this music, cause it makes me feel the same
Lost and Pleased

When i'm listenning to Lipitone's album, i feel the energy of Life.
Life in a small town of Mali, a fisherman village.
He recorded tons of materials into it: from the restaurant and his atmosphere, noises of a night with fishermen, sings of people in a house, the morning prayer....
I feel like time stopped. Just stopped...

Im gonna share 2 moment of Bougouni's life

- Bougouni Sou, is 6 minutes of life by Poupée (Doll in english), the girl's nickname and N'Gou Bagayoko on the guitar. It's by night, it's quiet and stars are just in the sky.
Closer as infinity

- Fadjiri Seli (the morning prayer) is just another day startin, calm....It seems time stopped in this village. I feel all energy and beauty of Africa in this record.

Please visit Frikyiwa Website for more information
Have a nice listenning

See you Mr Planck....
Max Planck
(April 23, 1858 – October 4, 1947)

mercredi 11 février 2009

On Saturday

I wish i'll speak a correct english one day


Fela Anikulapo Kuti (1938-1997)
My President for ever...

Here's a tribute to Fela by Cheikh Lô, The Nubians, Manu Dibango, Chateau Flight, Bugz In The Attic, Roy Hargrove, Nile Rodgers & Money Mark.
It's from the LP Red Hot + Riot
One of the best album i ever heard....A tribute to Fela for the Red Hot's AIDS awareness activites. There are many compilation and project album for this association. This one for Fela is just amazing....Making so much sense for everyone involved and listeners.
I'm a big fan of Fela from 1st LP to collabs with Ginger Baker, all his politics actions and of course his compositions....Influenced so many people (just listen the last TV on the radio and you'll know why).....
On this album, there are so many guests....i can't mention everyone but you have Blackalicious, Dead Prez, D'angelo, Fela's son Femi, M'Shell, Ron Blake, Archie Shepp, Baaba Maal, Antibalas (of course), Ray Lema, Lenine, Talib Kweli......and much much more
(sorry im not linking them)
The Red Hot Organization has donated over $7,000,000 world-wide in support to the following organizations since 1990, including nearly $100,000 in operations grants to under-funded community organizations throughout Africa in 2006

This CD is still available so

if you downloaded, gonna download or downloading right now
You're a sucker, and you disserve nothing except....shame.

This is a real and true project

Enjoy this 2 tracks, play it loud and when i say A LA LA LA LA
You know what you have to say....


Red Hot Projects HERE
Buy the CD HERE

[Intro] Fela Mentality

Mixmaster Mike + Lateef and The Gift of Gab (of Blackalicious) --
Kalakuta Show

Dead Prez, Jorge Ben Jor, Talib Kweli, Bilal + Positive Force --
Shuffering + Shmiling
[Interlude] Gimme Shit
D'Angelo, Femi Kuti + Macy Gray featuring
Roy Hargrove, Nile Rodgers, The Soultronics + Positive Force --
Water No Get Enemy
MeShell NdegeOcello + Yerba Buena! featuring Ron Blake --
Common, MeShell NdegeOcello + Djelimady Tounkara --
Tears + Sorrow
Cheikh Lô, Les Nubians + Manu Dibango featuring Chateau Flight --
[Interlude] Don't Worry About My Mouth-O
Bugz in the Attic featuring Wunmi, Nile Rodgers,
Roy Hargrove + Money Mark --
Res, Tony Allen, Ray Lema, Baaba Maal,
Positive Black Soul + Archie Shepp --
No Agreement
Kelis --
So Be It
[Interlude] This is an Ashanti Proverb
Sade --
By Your Side (Cottonbelly's Fola Mix Edit)
Yerba Buena! + Lenine --
Colonial Mentality
Baaba Maal + Taaj Mahal featuring Kaouding Cissoko + Antibalas --
Trouble Sleep Yanga Wake Am
Album released by MCA Records

mardi 10 février 2009

Tuesday Tiramisu & a Ninja Under E

Berlin, February 2006

I open newspapers this morning, and the Paris train company just gave Suicide stats for 2008. From 2007 to 2008, the suicides increased by 22 %. These figures are terrible, but what touches me most it's that the company of trains decided to lead an awareness campaign with the public. Not to prevent people from committing suicide, but indeed so that trains arrive on time. When the Machine prevails over human beings' life, when she has to advance, give up, to produce, I prefer to listen to this music and to close my eyes...One Love

Here's the song to listen before R.I.O.T.S.

Round 5 # Climatic Round


From the

Soundboy's Gravestone Gets Desecrated By Vandals

One of the most creative, original and deep sound of 2008. Fuckin good covers, fuckin good remix, fuckin good atmosphere....Yeah? that's a fuckin' good reason to buy right?
Fuck It, listen to this with massive System please.


Shackleton # Death is not Final (T++ remix)

Buy it HERE
Buy part 1 here
Buy part 2 here


As i'm going to lunch now, and as i can't let you with so much negative talks.
I'm leaving you with a pure beauty, by N'Gou Bagayoko on Frikyiwa Recordings. The label of Frederic Galliano which i will introduce later or tomorrow. Bagayoko worked with Nahawa Doumbia, one of the most great Malian singer. I think the singer on this one is Ramata Doussou who's also a member of Frederic Galliano's African Divas.

For now, choose the most confortable place in your world and put your headphones.
At least....this song can make you feel good anywhere.....

N'gou Bagayoko # Kulu (Frikyiwa Rec)

One love Africa

lundi 9 février 2009


Yes Yes Yes Yes Bro'
Keep on talkin' good, bring dat beat back, power to the people yo

Some tracks for our friend Barack & for ya ears too...
No doubt

F-Phantom (7even Recordings)

This track by the french dubstep producer F on french label 7even Rec.
this track make me feel like wake up from a 600 years long for afro-americans...600 years of slavery.......


Issa Bagayogo - Dunu Kan (Six Degrees)

When Malian singer Issa Bagayogo gave up the idea of a career in music, and discarded his kamélé n'goni, it seemed his destiny was to remain a bus driver in Bamako. Thanks to the French producer Yves Wernet he recorded his first album and became known as ‘Techno Issa’ and a rising star in the new generation of African artists.
An intriguing UFO appeared in Mali in the late 90s, since then Issa Bagayogo has gone on to take his place among the best of the pioneering artists of West Africa. He sings with a deep voice, and plays kamale n’goni (the traditional stringed instrument emblematic of the Wassoukou region in Southern Mali), in a sonic universe created by producer Yves Wernert, former member of the Double Nelson group from Nancy. His young Malian fans dubbed him ‘Techno Issa’ thanks to the unique sound that emerged from this collaboration. On this fourth album, the arrangements and orchestration take on new dimensions, with jazz and funk elements, tracing the path of a rich and inventive musical adventure.
Patrick Labesse
(Translation by Jody Gillett)

Source: Mondomix


Marcia Griffith - Survival (with Sly on drums)

One of the most great singer ever....Queen Reggae as Judy Mowatt....Great song, great lyrics
Stand UP !


Flying Lotus - Spicy Sammich (Warp)

A tune from Reset EP by F.Lotus, actually my fav' producer worldwide since more than a year now. L.A. is alive, Long live the Lotus !!!!
Check Brainfeeder section and dig the next show !!!!


Sarah Vaughan - Three little words (At the London House 1959)

Pure premium vocal jazz here. I'm not into the perfect vocalize as Diana Krall or Jamie Cullum are doing...Im more into feelings, noises and bizarre. So that's why im crazy about Elisbateh Kontonamou, Sarah Vaughan & Nina Simone or Saul Williams.
Express is very hard thing indeed, speak with your heart instead of your mind....
And the result is this
Three little words....


Ratatat - Mirando (Animal Collective remix)

I've been listening this tune non-stop since 2 weeks now...And it's an absolute master-piece..
There are some remix of this tune, but i'm not into it...Since i heard this one, sorry but the rest sucks. Yeah....As the last Frida Hyvonen sucks so much.....Her first LP Djuna ! was a pure premium folk songs but her can i's soup....for grandmas


Miles Davis - Julien dans l'ascenseur (Ascenseur pour l'échafaud OST)

In case of Barack will come to Paris...Soon or late....And i understand it's not enjoyable at all to talk with that piece of shit Mr S. but let's see....
Actually many jokes about Barack on french television....Like :

- "What the fuck?? Obama is president now and i still get that small salary..he said he will bring it higher !!!!"
- "But it's France here man....Obama is the U.S. President...How can he do smtg for you?"
- "I knew it !! We been tricked again !!!"

etc etc etc/../...Quite funny tho'

Anyway, if Barack come to Paris, he will remember why all jazzmen loved that city so much in a time where in U.S, Black jazzmen weren't that considered....Thanks to St Germain and Mr Boris Vian (Official website of B.Vian) to bring quality artists and make them stay!!!
And for tourists, St Germain des Prés isn't an artist place anymore. Coffee are expensive like nowhere else, food isn't that good and you'll not see any Jazz Concert around.

For food , go to Le Bouillon Racine and ask the special dessert Waffle with Crême Brulée inside.
For jazz in Paris you have many great places like Le caveau de la Huchette, Le Duc des Lombards, Le Sunset & Sunside or one of the best concert place in Paris: le New Morning

If you're visiting Paris in Summer there are 2 good festival, open air and cheap entry
In September : Jazz à La Villette
All Summer : Paris Jazz Festival

Now it's done, i did the right thing. And fuck the St Germain des Près liars....who always saying the same bullshit to tourists...
Listen Juju peeps, Trust me...You'll earn money and see better things


Metallic Falcons - Snakes & Tea

I felt like giving this in bonus. I'm a big fan of Casady's sisters since the beginning....and if i were livin in NYC i will probably be a sleepwalker by now.
Bianca & Sierra Casady a.k.a. Cocorosie are amazing artists, productive, originals & great on stages. I can tell as i saw her 4 years ago in Paris with tons of guests AND tons of instruments as well....
Metallic Falcons is another Cocorosie's project with D.Banhardt & Anthony.
This LP is called Desert Doughnuts (and its the only M.Falcons project recorded) was released about 3 years 2006 if i remember properly...This album is absolute atmospheric, bizarre, transcendant hour of pure original sounds....Sorry its maybe too much, but i felt in love after 10 minutes of listening.
As Casady's sisters get Opera singers formation, AND as Anthony has probably one of the most beautiful voices of the last 5 years, you can just expect great music. Banhardt in control on some tracks and you have one of the most anticipated album of 2006.

I still don't understand why it's so unrated.....Enjoy Mr Obama

& Congratulations (lately)