vendredi 13 février 2009

14 Billion Euros...

Official partner of the end of the world 2000


It is not the crisis for everybody....
Total registered in 2008 the biggest profit never realized by a French group: 13,9 billion euro.
A profit in increase of 14 % over one year. The French tanker took advantage of the sharp rise in prices of the petroleum, which became established in 97 dollars the barrel on average over the year 2008, that is 25 dollars more than in 2007. They even reached a historic record in July, 2008, in more than 147 dollars...


Ethics against business: total and Chevron have to leave Burma

One year ago, the decision taken by Nicolas Sarkozy to freeze the French investments in Burma revived the debate on the activities of Total in this country, where the NGO and the syndicates accuse it of supporting the power in place.
Publicly by mentioning this investment, the president of the Republic activated the anger of Christophe de Margerie, general manager of the company, who would very gladly have taken place without this new advertisement made for its Burmese project. The boss of Total did not however have to worry about excess: the French government united around the first French company, explaining that its preservation in Burma was better than its replacement by a Chinese company.
This argument, which justifies a lack of ethics in the excuse that there are competitors maybe less scrupulous still, is not the only one who will have been used for the defence of the tanker. The group did not stop itself using during the years the most different justifications, even the most contradictory.

But for what do we blame exactly Total?

Let us remind at first that Total is, today still, the first foreign investor in Burma. In an interview granted to "Le Monde" on October 6th, 2007, Christophe de Margerie admitted himself that the only incomes of the project Yadana, Total of which is the main operator, had brought back near a million euro a day to the military regime during year 2006.

The financial support for the Burmese dictatorship is coupled with a moral support. In 1992, number of companies hesitated to invest in Burma, because of the repression of the democratic movement of 1988 and the non-recognition of the general election of 1990 which had dedicated the victory of the party of madam Aung San Suu Kyi (God Bless You), the National League for the Democracy. The decision of Total to invest in Burma will have done wonders for the self-confidence of them.

The conditions of application of the project were also the object of debates. So the charge made for the tanker to have benefited from the hard labour of the local populations was worth to him a lawsuit for " crime of detention ". But the company benefited finally from a lack of evidence for reasons of procedure, judge charged with the instruction of the file underlining however that
" the reality of the denounced facts was not possible (could not) be questioned ".



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