lundi 16 février 2009

We owned that night...Thank you everyone

Cyantific, 3 decks Live @ Glaz'art, Paris
Limited Touch #6 [Cyantific (Hospital), Utah Jazz (V Recordings)]

Success, Smiles, Hands Up 6 hours long, Mash Up, Champagne(S).....Our best party ever
Crew started at Midnight for 1h30, making a deep & energic warm-up...At 00h45, already 150 people were inside...and it will not stop...All night
3am, after a wicked set by Utah Jazz, Full of classics tunes (Calibre's Mr Majestic on the new sound system just rocked massive's socks...) Been a long time i didnt see a so "energic" attitude behind the decks...Maybe since J-Majik 2 years ago ate Le Rex Club.
I spend my time to check his drink, and go backstage to reload his whisky coke for the tablo' infos, Utah drunk 3 whisky coke and a bottle of water during his set.
What a usefull information... - -'
As sets didnt been recorded, you'll not be able to listen the F*µ#% amazing intro of Cyantific....3 decks set, live..and this guy looks so chill....So So Chill, in front of 700 packed audience, screaming on each triple drop...So imaginative, so serious business guys....Amazing Set...Too bad its just 90minutes...Too fast i think...

Last time i saw Cyantific, was in Bangkok and i still have a great memory of that night. Packed Club Culture, wicked set...again....That night been recorded so...enjoy

Cyantific Live at Club Culture, Bangkok

At 6am, all of us were fuckin happy about the party. As Club owners congratulates us with many bottles of Champagne, and said it was all good for the next one in June.
The line up is almost sure but...never know....
I can tell on my blog #
* Futurebound (Vyper Recordings)
* Kasra & MC Wrec for the Critical Europe Tour
* Hopefully me.. - -' ..for warm up or a B2B with Alex & Danny to close the party

Next Taktile Touch Party will be on 17th April at La Java with Fierce & Youthman

Never heard about Fierce?
Just one of the best producer ever, old timer, owner of Quarantine Records, super great DJ & maybe one of the 1st DnB producer who played in Paris, early 90's....So it's an honour to host Mr Super Big Fat Sub in your Face....

Enjoy that as a starter....and wait ; )

Fierce, Break, D-Bridge & Nico # Galleon
From Zenith LP by Quarantine

Peace to everyone who came last saturday
and showed so much Positive vibes (yeah it was Rouuuugh Guys!!!!)

Thanks to Artists & Glaz'Art for trusting in us
Thanks to Nico for helping with his car & Airports shits
Thanks to Mr Activ for pictures (as the 2 photographers dumped us....)
Thanks to the Massive who always show support...See you for the next One


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