mercredi 27 janvier 2010

FORTHCOMING [Scuba # Triangulation LP]

Finest Producer Scuba is about to drop his second LP in March, according to wom-pr. Recently released on Ostgut-Ton's Sub:Stance, Scuba Mix is one of the best mix cd we listened since months...a CD which accompanied his residency at the techno-dominated Berghain/Panorama Bar. Most of people will say that it's too deep, or too slow, or not dancefloor enough but...come on...It's a release on Berghain Label, what did u expect? A Bok-Bok way of style?
No thanks.
My mind is working propperly and i dont need anything else than a large sound system (or good headphones) to enjoy this master piece.
According to his recent releases: an EP on Hotflush called Aesaunic including the great progressive Ambient to 4/4 tune "Aesaunic" and the wicked dancefloor dark deep "Reverse", also his already anthem remix for DFRNT's Headspace which is actually inside all tracklisting from Headhunter to Jus Wan or Ramadanman; Scuba is one of the main head of what they called "Dubstep Dub Techno blabla shit" Movement. To me, he's an entire and not just for sale artist of the last 5 years.
Remind this, that in 5 years Scuba will be still there as Zomby or Kode 9...
Not for fainted
Creator of Hotflush recordings, who signed & discovered many of the actual finest producer such as Sigha, Pangaea, Untold or Mount Kimbie; Scuba never followed the trend and always bring the freshest cut. I won't be surprised at all with a Blue Daisy release on Hotflush...Fingers crossed !!!
So it's a real great news, that he will drop his 2nd LP Triangulation on March 22nd, 2010, Mark your agenda. On Triangulation, Scuba continues to push the envelope. Though the album has a vibe that is distinctly dubstep, there are a number of interesting variations, such as "On Deck," which sports a 4/4 electro beat, or the trip-hop-influenced "Before."

01. Descent
02. Latch
03. Three Sided Shape
04. Minerals
05. On Deck
06. Before
07. Tracers
08. You Got Me
09. So You Think You're Special
10. Heavy Machinery
11. Glance
12. Lights Out

As am not gonna write more about one of my fav' producer all time (did u noticed?), i let you enjoy his podcast on Hotflush, which is one of the best of 2009


Also, if you missed his remix he did for Cinnamon Chasers's Luv Deluxe, be sure to grab it immediatly HERE

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