mardi 3 novembre 2009

TUNE OF THE MONTH * Prototype (Modeselektor’s Broken Handbrake Remix) *

Ltd 12" on Tempa in deluxe foil blocked sleeve DUE 23/11/09

You better be on your Shop that day....will be out of stock as fast as Slayer's Tickets last week in Paris...

* For the next 12" in the Tempa Ltd. series (Numbered, Limited Edition vinyl packaged in a deluxe foil-blocked sleeve) Apparat collaborators and Thom Yorke favourites Modeselektor reinterpret ’Prototype’, a choice cut from Headhunter’s debut LP ’Nomad’ (TempaCD014).

* Harnessing the driving bassline of the original, Modeselektor create a greater sense of pace and alertness, fusing Headhunter’s ethereal dubstep qualities with an altogether more Berlin techno feel.

* ’Sex At the Prom’, on the southside, underlines Headhunter’s ability for drawing from surrounding genres. Rigid bass stabs incessantly pound an otherwise sparse soundscape into submission - Mary Anne Hobbs has already blown-up one sound system with this track - before pausing as if to check it’s minimal counterpart still breathes. This respite is enough for the percussion to find its second wind and - aided by a warped synth line - the battle continues on more even terms, rounding out a heavily pulsating 12" that begs to be played out on a massive sound-system.

* Tracklist:
A>> Prototype (Modeselektor’s Broken Handbrake Remix)
B>> Sex At TheProm.

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