lundi 6 avril 2009

About Claudine Doury

Claudine Doury, Loulan Beauty (2008)

I just discovered Claudine Doury works last friday...It's an amazing work, engaged, sensitive, impressive and as well, interesting to know how she became a photographer...
Claudine Doury exercises the profession of iconographer when she met Raymond Depardon who offers her her first camera. Nine years later, at the age of 29, she jumps the step and decides to become a photographer. With a subject on the strike of the nurses which she covered during three months for the Liberation french newspaper, she begins a career which will lead her to the consecration with the obtaining of the Prize Niepce in 2004.

Claudine Doury, Loulan Beauty (2008)

She realize reports on Rumania, then on fall of the Berlin Wall. She decides to go turn t her knowledge of the Russian language with a journey in the Sakhalin Island in 1990. In 1999, she publishes in "Le Seuil" publishing edition "Peoples of Siberia" and obtains the World Press photo in the category " Natural and environment stories ". In 2004, she publishes "Artek, one summer in Crimea" in the publishing editions "Martinière", report on a pioneers' ancient camp created in 1925 by Stalin for the children. Claudine Doury is member of the agency VU since 1991.

Claudine Doury, Loulan Beauty (2008)

"Loulan Beauty" is a mummy of 4000 years, which bases in the museum of Urümqi, in the Xinjiang, Chinese province in border of Kirghizia. It's with this funny title that she suggests us accompanying her in these parts of the country put off by Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Xinjiang or Kirghizia.



Nosaj Thing is back...and i'm really happy about that....
His upcoming album entitled “Drift” will be Nosaj’ first full album, to be released June 9 on Alpha Pup Records. The new record keeps that signature electronic sound infused with a deep sense of atmosphere. Coat of Arms (one of my fav' tunes of this year) & Light #1 can be listen on excellent MOOVMNT blog.
No MP3 Guys but Here's his mix for Mary Anne Hobbs Experimental....
Exquisite Artist...Check his blog too....More to come


Nosaj Thing in the Mix
01. Chopin – Prelude in E Minor
02. Nosaj Thing - Untitled
03. Nosaj Thing - Nightcrawle
04. Nosaj Thing - Wandering Star (Nosaj Thing Remix)
05. Nosaj Thing - Coat of Arms
06. Nosaj Thing - 1685/Bach
07. Nosaj Thing - Intro/Camel (Nosaj Thing Remix)
08. Nosaj Thing - Aquarium
09. Nosaj Thing - Caves
10. Nosaj Thing - Harrison Ford



"Here’s the first of many to come…
This mix was put together by Ras_G, SAMIYAM and myself.
Some time last year.
We originally gave these out on CD at the Brainfeeder event in LA,
but here it is, just for you
Flying Lotus

Brainfeeder BBC -
Mixed By Ras_G, SAMIYAM and Flying Lotus [28:36m]


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