mardi 28 juillet 2009

Zhang Huan A look at the remarkable Chinese performance artist, sculptor and painter

Zhang Huan, Berlin Buddha

Just received Phaidon's newsletter about this great book on Zhang Huan's Works...
It's always expensive for now, if you're broke as me...Google Image it, Wiki It and for sure visit his website

He's definately one of my favorites and inspired artists of this last century.....I always dreamed about a collab of Huan and Barney, but who knows.....maybe in a close future....It's interesting also because he thinks and do his arts projects in a very close collaboration with Buddha principles....which i think, is bring Art more close from Humans Being....but it's a point of view

Instead of talkin about my passion for this man, i let you visit his great website here, you can also check the website of his foundation called Gaoan

Also, in his website there's a collection of Essays & interviews....Here's one of the most interesting (even if all are..) by Mary Anne Jacob about Buddha Mind in Contemporary Arts



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