jeudi 13 août 2009

INVINCIBLE's Emergence Travel Agency (ETA)

If you read over here, or listen to my radio show; you know im a big fan of Invincible. And im trying; at my level, to keep a constant eye on her work, and promote it as much as i can.
Im everyday confront to people who pretend to be hip hop listeners, or even sayin' i am hip hop or i represent hip hop with my big clothes and lynx....but never heard about Invincible..or even Finale or even Phat Kat...

Shut up and listen

Invincible is launching her Travel Agency with her record company Emergence Music
Is it weird? No, it's not
It's just the very beginning


Read and learn more


peace to Fresh Slects (one of my fav' blog) who keep on spreading love

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