mardi 4 août 2009

Headhunter's Transistor new record label + Forthcoming Tracks by F (7even Records)


Vector Meldrew, a great and imaginative Visual Producer just dropped this logo for Headhunter's new Record Label called Transistor Records.
As a big Fan of Headhunter (He's one of the top 3 Dubstep Dub Techno producer actually), what a surprise to heard that news....His own inprint......I can't wait to listen the forthcoming releases & wondering which artists will be signed.....


F from 7even records will be signed on this label
So my 2 fav' producer working together, on their own label & a collab on the flip

Be Sure to listen those tracks on F MYSPACE, 3 new tracks in rotation including 2 forthcoming on Transistor!!!!!

- Headhunter & F - Dedale (Forthcoming Transistor Records)
- F - Night Dive (Forthcoming Transistor Records)

- Samuel H. Simpson - Spronkle (F Remix) (Take Records Dub)


Thanks to Vector Meldrew for this info
Check his work please

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