jeudi 12 novembre 2009

PORTFORMAT # THE REPEAT FACTOR LP (release date & details)

Release date is December the 3rd 2009, available worldwide digitally!

Shooting to Sirius and beyond, the intense and intergalactic slowmotion grooves of Portformat finally hit space!

NASA-compatible Hip Hop Funkadelica is what to expect on Portformat’s debut album released into orbit, musically combining space themes of the 70s with the golden moments of 90s R’n'B.

R’n'B shooting stars such as Georgia Anne Muldrow, Shuanise and Suzi Analogue shine on Portformat’s beats from his Repeat Factory. Rappers such as Madlib-vocalist Dudley Perkins, Blaktroniks, Obey The Altar Native, Bless1, Gajah and Thesaurus Rex also join the ride. The album was even mixed by Comfort Fit for an extra galactic boom!


  • Knock Knock (feat. Bless1) 3.15 min
  • U Gotta Find (feat. Shuanise) 3.13 min
  • Purple Planet 3.24 min
  • Mothership (feat. Dudley Perkins & Georgia Anne Muldrow) 3.30 min
  • Provide Everything (feat. Obey The Altar Native & Denone) 4.30 min
  • Thunder and Lightning 3.35 min
  • Fairy Child (feat. Shuanise) 3.35 min
  • Bionic Arms 3.42 min
  • The Myth (feat. Caits Meissner & Yarrow Lutz) 3.04 min
  • Everything U Change (feat. Obey The Altar Native) 3.36 min
  • 37 Degrees 1.49 min
  • It’s On (feat. Blaktroniks) 3.15 min
  • Put Your Love To The Test (feat. Joe Kickass) 3.11 min
  • Life Water (feat. Thesaurus Rex) 3.17 min
  • For The Hungry Cats 3.38 min
  • U$ (feat. Suzi Analogue) 3.44 min
  • So Thankful (feat. Gajah & Olmeca) 3.29 min

More Infos on TokyoDownRecords & their Soundcloud

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