lundi 21 décembre 2009

Comfort Fit # Polyshufflez Rremixes LP is OUT NOW

Comfort Fit’s masterpiece long player “Polyshufflez” goes into the second round with fourteen impressive and unique re-interpretations by Laurent Garnier, Domu, Opolopo, Atjazz, Boom Clap Bachelors, Robot Koch, Jay Scarlett and more brilliant artists.

“Excellent boundary shifting electronic soulful”
Daz-I-Kue (Bugz In The Attic/The Goodness/RBMA)

“Love Comfort Fit’s music…some of the mixes are gr8!…will play Atjazz and Singing Statues on this weeks shows”
Charles Webster (Miso)

“Wow, out of the blue! Love it, very tasty beats, very experimental. Loving the nu-breed indeed. Fav remix by Comfort Fit but the others really participate well. Full support from Vienna, 10/10.”
Alan Brown (Soul Seduction)

“Comfort Fit is one of the most beautiful albums 2009!! Tokyo risin!!”
Tom Wieland (7 Samurai, Compost)

“DIS IS SUPA FREEEEEEEEEESH !!!! really diggin da remixes, loads of really good ones !! chartin/playin/radio & clubs. full respect and thank u”
Simbad (Brownswood)

“Just like the album, the remixes are quality. Most definitely one of the most consistent remix albums I’ve heard in ages. Old hands and up-and-coming talent blend together well.”
Velanche (Urban Landscapes California KCPR)

“My dear God this remix package is unreal! So much good stuff in there [...] what a journey! 10/10 full support”
Andreas Saag (Swell Session)

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