mardi 28 août 2007

Hiroya Kurata's Arts

Hiroya Kurata was born in Osaka Japan, and grew upin Tokyo and Chicago.
His artwork is inspired by various things including thegreek myths, baseball cards, and Bikuri-Man stickers.He is a member of a Japanese manga group, Mashcomix.
He is currently living and working in Brooklyn, NYC.

I met Hiro 2 years ago, during the summer 2005 at the opening of the Dolce Vita # 2 organised by Carla Communication at Espace Beaurepaire in Paris. It was a big show with different artists as painter, sculptor, designer, couturier, musicians & performers, video & fashion alsoHiro introduced some sculpturs and canvas at this show. To be honest, I already admire his talent and his unique way of drawing at the first second I saw his works…It reminds me works of Os Gemeos, the two brazilian graffiti artists brothers. So i started to talk with him about this, and he knew works of those freaks...Who don't ??
Anyway, we talked a lot about Arts, our influences and differences between him; who considerate Art as an entire work and me; who just drawing for my pleasure or as a therapy...
He's involve into a lot of different projects with graffiti artists, designer and worked already for different galleries in Tokyo, Berlin, Paris and NYC where he's actually living.
I just saw he's gonna work with that great crew The Brooklyn Circus, check the blog.
The link to this great show he did in Tokyo last year as well 2006 at BBS Tokyo, the 10x10 Show.

Some of my favorites works of Hiro
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A Bull and A Violin Man

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Zen Meditation

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Greek Myth

!!!! I'm proud to be your Friend !!!!
See you soon.....

All works are properties of Hiroya Kurata.
2006 hiroya kurata

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