mardi 28 août 2007

New free Thinner and Autoplate summer releases for late summer enjoyment!

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[THN097] Das Kraftfuttermischwerk - Blüte Seines Lebens
(Moving Ambient Downbeats)

Now, in this mid-summer of 2007, Das Kraftfuttermischwerk
returns with a
soothing, melodic downtempo EP titled
"Blüte seines Lebens" - a perfect
audio complement to warm,
placid days. Like a carefree boat trip down a
gently flowing waterway on a balmy summer day that ends in

the cool shade of a secluded tree-lined beach, this
four-tracker takes the listener on a tranquil,
nostalgic sound journey
that includes beautiful synths,
pensive melodies, delicate beats, and
minimal grooves.

(4 tracks - 23min 10sec - 32.62 MB)

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[APL047] Twile - Traum-a
(Cinematic Dub Electronica)

The album title was selected for its dual meaning -
“Traum” is the
German word for “dream” while
“trauma” refers to emotional injury or
suffering as
a result of experiencing an extremely stressful situation

or physical injury. The sounds are cinematic, designed to
be listened to
in seclusion, and the album as a whole is a
manifestation of Twile’s
belief that “what is contained in
sadness holds the greatest potential
for joy.”
So Twile, as if assuming the role of a therapist,
summons the
misplaced world of dreams, childhood,
and forest to offer a “sonorous cure.”

(4 tracks - 31min 56sec - 44.99 MB)

Coming Soon
[THN098] krill.minima - Urlaub auf Balkonien
[THN099] Selffish
[APL048] Weigl & Hoffmann - Examples Of A Medusa
[APL049] Off The Sky - Cumulae Movement

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