jeudi 2 août 2007

Mixotic (Ex-Zerinnerung) Net Label For Free DJ Mixes

Germany is the place guys...
And in case, you never been there or heard about any of those crazy folks; U have to check that website the great label, hosting the best of electrönisch sounds.

Here we go, starting with the second mixes called Interest Complex.

"As the microscopic camera pans across the technicolored landscape, molecular shapes dance playfully in rhythmic frequency..." - This mix presents works of Jason Corder. He is one of the most talented web musicians with releases on netlabels like Subsource, Autoplate and Thinner.
This is the description of this set on Mixotic...and to be honest "most talented" is really far from the truth..Jason rocks..

[in]anace is mixing this superb fall to minimal sounds...If you need something to work, sleep, disconnect from that crazy world...

Check it here

About, Jason Corder aka Social System (with Pheek) aka OffTheSky , i will make a special report on that guy...I should say i will take a complete weekoff at my work if i wanna introduce him propperly...Big Respect to this freak !!

Mixotic is a netlabel focused on netaudio DJ mixes. Q-Man is the label founder and maker. The range of styles is quite open but it's all about electronic music in the broadest sense. The latest mix posted by Mixotic is the 94th, published the 29th July : a Mix by Time For Trees called Separation Anxiety. Check it here
This mix presents the sound of the netlabel After-Dinner Recordings. It's based on a minimal beat structure which is carrier of various elements like melodic spots, ambient scapes, happy moments and much more.
After-Dinner Recordings is a London based netlabel, It releases electronic music online and encourages free exchange between consumer and producer.

Enjoy...and think about sleeping sometimes

This mix is free to download und use under the terms of a Creative Commons License.

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