lundi 21 avril 2008

** Steven Soderbergh's Solaris Original Soundtrack **

As a big fan of OST, i have to introduce this great atmosphere....

Solaris composed by Cliff Martinez is one of the best soundtrack i ever heard; more than a soundtrack with classical and cliché environment that you can hear in most of movies, this one is a complete Space Opera.
Soderbergh's Movie is a long and levitated view of love and eternity, human desires & fears upon death and reason.
As the movie's atmosphere, the soundtrack is a non-stop melody, dreamy, nagging and overseas landscape that u can cross with a large J in a soft afternoon.
The using of Steel Drums in this record is a perfect success, absolutely misty effect.
I first noticed that Soderbergh's Traffic OST when it came on screens, and already the music get a big part into feelings and pictures analysis.

If you didnt like the movie or if you never heard about , i suggest you to listen that one.
Trust me, Hearts speaks. Gooseflesh on top

Also, Check the complete Soundtracks discography of Martinez, this guy is a freakin' genius.

And i suggest you to hurry up, this OST is almost Out Of Stock everywhere....
** Pray for a re-press **

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