mardi 24 février 2009


Holy Ghosts, Paris Subway Tunnels 200?

I woke up again today, as a normal day: Coffee & Cigarette.
Weather is pretty wet & cold
First thoughts of the morning are actually killin my days but i'm busy almost 98% of the time so i can handle it...a bit

A quick shower in "another" bathroom, tryin' to be away for 10 minutes. Me & my friend the shower gel.
Subway, looking in da tunnels, faster as my mind is running and peoples rushing in corridors.

My mind spray

Sometimes you just know what to do, what to think and how express.
It don't need to be expressed sometimes.
Keep it, use it and act.

If you have any chance to act

Music is here for this...Calm myself when i can't control any situations
So use it
Even if real feelings are deep and you just try to hide it from yourself or from others

This, made my morning least

Booker T & The Mg's # Melting Pot

This, will make my way back home faster

Deadmau5 # Clockwork (Helvetic Nerds rMx)

And this, is the perfect track

Ill Logic & Raf # Reunitied

At least, a perfect day...and the longest week-end of my life


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