mercredi 20 janvier 2010


Between all free stuffs you can find on the web everyday, there's plenty chance that many folders u grab will never be unzzzzzipp....Don't lie, cause it's true.
After months, u decide to rearrange your hard drive and finally classify your mp3s...Yeah you need 12 grams to do that propperly...I can Tell..i'm still on it

Make Sure that this one will be Unzipp Right Here Right Now, Added to iTunes & make dat subway bounce. It's incredible to see more & more new producers from nowhere, with a quality of production like this. Ok it's not Daedelus, it's not Vinrock it's more....It's different !!!
This is Plawz's beats LP called 28 Grams Pt.1
(Does it mean Part.2 soon?I HOPE SO CUZ THAT SHIT IS GREAT !!!!)

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