mercredi 20 janvier 2010

REMINDER # F / UNTOLD - Energy Distortion (Untold Mix) is out now

On 28th December, i talked about this great 12" announced by F via his myspace. According to his facebook page, his LP "Energy Distortion" is ready to BANG the Earth on 7even Records....
But for now, the 1st 12" in a series in OUT !!!

The mighty F returns with the stunning 'Energy Distortion' album sampler backed up with a futureproof Untold remix. In the space of four releases F has become something of a figurehead for the emergent strand of dubstep centred around the ruffed up dub-chord and rugged dub-techno model, and gives an exemplary performance with his title track, sculpting heaving dub bass rolls and technofied rhythm syncopations to slot in between Scuba and Headhunter. Meanwhile on the flip Untold provides one of his most "techno" styled productions to date, re-engineering 'Energy Distortion' with streamlined kick/snare syncopations and a resonant subbass offset by convective Berlin styled synthlines. Both cuts are currently on rotation with everyone from Skream to Ramadanman, Martyn and 2562...


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